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Dreaming of totally disconnecting and getting away from it all?  Then take a few minutes to virtually escape to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu where calm white sand beaches, turquoise blue water and friendly people await you. This amazing video by Face du Monde will transport you to these unspoiled islands and leave you dreaming about traveling there someday. We asked one of our someday trippers who lived there what she thought of Vanuatu and she enthusiastically replied with this: "Vanuatu may be the most beautiful place I've seen. Tiny islands all around you, sparkling emerald water, active volcanoes, blue holes, beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, black stone beaches, tons of waterfalls, incredible snorkeling and diving, dives of WW2 shipwrecks, eco-tourism, the list goes on.  Ni-Vans (the citizens of Vanuatu) have also been ranked the happiest people in the world. It is simply pristine and joyful there."

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

Vanuatu is a tropical island archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean and is made up of some 80 islands spread across 800 miles and is about 1,000 miles east of northern Australia.  Efate island is the main island for tourism and is where the capital city of Port Vila is located. Three languages are spoken in Vanuatu - Bislama, which is a creole language, French and English. This tropical paradise offers so many things to do.  There are many beautiful waterfalls to explore where you can swim under the cascades, like the popular Mele Cascades. 

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

There are several active volanoes that you can view with a guide by air, vehicle or by foot where you can get right up to the rim and peer into the bubbling crater.  Mt. Yasur on the island of Tanna is a very popular destination.  Tanna also has many beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, traditional villages and more. 

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

For the action and adventure-seekers, the Millennnium Cave Tours on the island of Espiritu Santo are an exciting and challenging experience that take you into the jungle, climbing rocks, exploring caves, swimming in a river, and more.  There are also many blue holes that you can swim in, which are deep circular ponds of fresh pure water that are a natural creation.  The Nanda Blue Hole is considered one of the most beautiful in Vanuatu. Of course, there are beautiful beaches everywhere.

Vanuatu Tourism David Kirkland

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Vanuatu Tourism provides lots of helpful information on places to stay, dining, suggested itineraries, activities, and much more.

Comments from Face du Monde:  May 2016 I spent 3 weeks traveling around the Vanuatu archipelago from Espiritu Santo blue holes till Mount Yasur, an active volcano on Tanna island. 

Video shot with GoPro Session / DJI Phantom 3 standard
Soundtrack licenced via MusicBed (Becoming Human, Ryan Taubert)
All locations filmed in the video here :
In French :

      Location Info:  Vanuatu
      GPS: -15.245098   166.946629
      Accuracy: near
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