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French Polynesia Dreaming

Lush tropical foliage and dreamy aquamarine water await you in the beautiful Tahitian islands.

French Polynesia Cruise Destinations - Huahine Huahine, the Garden Island, is a travel destination for Society Island cruises with a tropical jungle teeming in green hues and plenty of water fun. Explore the island with our travel video covering snorkeling, culture, food and fun in one excursion.
Tahaa Cruise Excursion Drift Snorkeling The most amazing drift snorkeling adventure ever is nestled on a motu on the island of Tahaa. Think of an amusement ride through an aquarium as natural currents propel you through an oasis of coral and fish. A popular SomedayTrips travel video.
Windstar Cruises in French Polynesia

Windstar Polynesia

Windstar Cruises provides a tall ship small cruise experience through the islands for 7-11 days and a great way to see the islands for the first time. An excellent cruise experience worth exploring as we share the SomedayTrips cruise experience. 

Caribbean Travel Destinations in 2018

Hurricanes took their toll on the islands in 2017 with many still recovering. Here are some options to explore in 2018 while the Caribbean islands recover.

Cayman Islands Caribbean Travel In 2018 A beautiful island that has very natural beach areas and the famous 7-mile beach. It has over 300 dive sites and the incredible Stingray City attraction.
Martinique Caribbean Island Travel A French island that has a rugged topography of old volcanic mountains and beautiful natural beaches to satisfy those that love warm waters and some French culture.
Beautiful Natural Aruba For Travel

Surprising Aruba

Aruba has a bounty of beaches and clear waters to explore. Beyond the resorts this travel video will probably expand your ideas on what is possible while visiting this island.

Sail Away On A Mediterranean Cruise

The beautiful blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea have lured travelers to its shores for years but cruises are increasingly popular.  Our team traveled on a 13-day cruise in April covering six countries and nine ports.  In this series of travel video articles we will uncover the magic that can be found in Southern Europe.

Cruise Destination Sardinia The port city of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia, Italy greets numerous visitors each year. The beautiful hues of blue in coastal waters with rugged textures of foliage make for some amazing natural beaches.
Corfu Castle Cruise Excursions The island of Corfu Greece has a rich multi-cultural heritage and a 15th Century Fort. The Old Town area will transport you into the past and perhaps make you think you might be in Italy.
Historic Valetta Malta

Destination Valetta

We have over 30 reasons why you should consider a visit to Malta. If you are planning a mediterranean cruise and Valetta is a destination port, take our visual tour of the city and surrounding area.

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Travel Videos Wanderlust Because they are just plain good for the soul.  In minutes, they can elevate your mood, make you smile and transport you to places far away.
Top Lavaux Vineyards Switzerland Photo Need some travel eye-candy?  Then take a break and look at our top photos of the month of destinations around the world.
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