Kenya Travel Videos

The Safari Collection, Circle of Life The Safari Collection, Circle of Life

This delightful African safari video is from The Safari Collection, a unique collection of luxury lodges and camps where the whole family can enjoy the thrill of a safari adventure. You will see what it would be like to observe and photograph animals in their natural wilderness habitat.  This video will really get you dreaming of the possibilities.  The Circle of Life music from the movie The Lion King sets the mood perfectly for this wonderful video. 

Giraffe Manor 2015 Giraffe Manor 2015

Dreaming of going on an African safari someday? Then start dreaming about your journey right here with this video of Giraffe Manor.  This elegant manor hotel, located in Nairobi, Kenya, can be your starting point for many exciting excursions and an endless array of activities hosted by The Safari Collection. Giraffe Manor offers the opportunity to mingle and dine with giraffes hovering over your shoulder looking for a treat. This is one of the most surprising and unique resort experiences we've come across.