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Are you dreaming of an escape to an exotic locale, someplace truly unique? Then consider exploring the extraordinary country of Morocco in North Africa to satisfy your wanderlust.  Morocco is the top travel destination in Africa, so escape for a few minutes to this beautiful land in this exceptional video that takes you on a road trip journey through the country.  The videographer has done an amazing job of capturing what the experience is like, the emotions, the moments of assimilating the unique environment, and the sometimes comical situations that one experiences on such a trip.  We felt like we were riding right along with them. 


Tour Morocco in this beautiful film by Joren de Jager.  Marvel at the spectacular and varied landscape of this country, the endless red sands of the Sahara Desert, the rugged mountains, tall waterfalls, amazing architecture, the sight of goats in trees.  This video will take you on an incredible trip through this enchanted land.  There is so much to see in Morocco.