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Ice Hotel, Sweden Ice Hotel, Sweden

Can you imagine staying in an ice hotel? Arctic adventure tourists, we found a chilly new activity to add to your bucklist. At first it doesn't sound logical, but here's a novel hotel experience that will appeal to those adventurous types or those wanting to maximize a winter nordic travel experience.  This frosty video of the world's first ice hotel in Scandinavia, the ICEHOTEL Sweden, caught our eyes and lured us into the magic of its icy chambers with its eye-popping photos of suites made of columns of ice and packed snow decorated with sculpted ice art and beds made of ice blocks covered with reindeer pelts.  Packed snow, ice chandeliers and ice boulders decorate the reception area.  It's actually so fascinating that despite our warm-blooded nature, we'd really consider a unique experience like this. 

FINLAND | Timelapse FINLAND | Timelapse

Stunning video of the beauty of Finland, photographed in timelapse format.  It's 4 minutes of the extraordinary Finnish landscape - mountains, rivers, sunsets, starry night skies, and the northern lights.  The videographer very eloquently describes his experience below.

Comments from Riku Karjalainen:  Today I'm privileged to share with you the Finland I got to experience. I've witnessed the diversity and immense beauty of this land from the very north all the way to the southern parts, yet every time I set off I'm in awe. Finland never ceases to amaze me, and so, I’m truly honored and blessed to call this country my home.

OFFICIAL Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in the Wintertime - NEW LONG EDITION OFFICIAL Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in the Wintertime - NEW LONG EDITION

Tired of the summer heat?  Are you ready to cool off?  Then immerse yourself in this amazing video of the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  Imagine staying in a glass igloo where you can look up and watch the northern lights at night, or staying in a cozy log cabin with a glass room to lounge in and watch the stars.  Enjoy getting away from it all in this wilderness setting.  Maybe a dog sled or reindeer ride is on your list.  If you like playing in the snow, you can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding or take a ride on a snow mobile.  When you want to warm up, relax in their sauna.  And don't miss Santa's Home.  The resort is also a popular wedding and honeymoon destination and offers special packages for such occasions.  

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

This is an absolutely beautiful tour of a most amazing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  This is the second of two videos of the resort.  We wanted to include this one as well as it takes you on an aerial tour of the resort, its beautiful lodging and fun activities.  We find this resort to be so unique and special.  Imagine staying in a glass igloo and viewing the incredible nature around you, especially the northern lights.  The descriptive banners in this one are very helpful, and the musical score is very uplifting and perfect for the video.  Both this and the other Kakslauttanen resort video on our site are a must-see. 

Blarney Castle & Gardens Blarney Castle & Gardens

Stunning footage taken by Aerial Photography Ireland of the castle & gardens.

Dublin in Words Dublin in Words

Take a look at Dublin from a different perspective, through the moving words of the poem 'Dublin' by Louis MacNeice.  This fascinating, gritty and creative look at Dublin takes you on an edgy tour of the city, featuring its culture, history, architecture, and people in quick takes from one scene to the next in pace with the words of the poem.  You may find yourself watching this video again and again just to process the words, soak them in and ponder the thought of a Dublin trip someday.

Discover Skellig Michael, Ireland Discover Skellig Michael, Ireland

Discover Ireland brings you this breathtaking video of the rugged, wild and mountainous island of Great Skellig, or Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland.  Rough seas and rocky cliffs surround this island of ancient monastic ruins.  The island is now a nature preserve for the colorful puffin seabirds. It was named a World Heritage Site for its "remarkable environment" and "unique example of an early religious settlement."  Read more about the significance of this site on Wikipedia

Discover Ireland describes their video: Discover Skellig Michael on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, a spectacular island off the coast of Kerry, where scenes from Star Wars Episode VII were filmed. The island's history is packed with ancient Irish legends, Viking invaders and hermit monks – monks who carved 600 stone steps to the summit and built a monastic site there in the 6th century. See more at

Star Wars The Force Awakens Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with JJ Abrams in Ireland Star Wars The Force Awakens Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with JJ Abrams in Ireland

Did you wonder where those dramatic scenes with Luke Skywalker were filmed in the recent Star Wars movie?  The Skellig Islands, two small, steep and rocky islands off the coast of Ireland.  Both islands are a seabird sanctuary and the larger of the two, Skellig Michael, or Great Skellig, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient religious settlement. Read more about the Skellig Islands, and how you can visit these islands on your next trip to Ireland at

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