Iceland's Spectacular Beauty

incredible iceland incredible iceland

This beautiful timelapse video of Iceland will leave you awe-struck.  Videographer Greg Kiss captures the dramatic landscape of the Nordic Island nation, its geysers, hot springs, glaciers, and waterfalls.  

Greg Kiss tells us more about the making of this film:  It took me 6 months on and off shooting to finish this portrait of Iceland and I've learned a lot of things along that way. Shooting time-lapse is a labor of love and a study in patience... :-) I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I did filming it. Thank you!
Music by Dan Phillipson (
Technical stuff:
- Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly
- Canon 1Dmk4 & 5Dmk2
- Canon 16-35/2.8 & 24-70/2.8 & 15fe/2.8
- B&W Filters

Aurora Borealis in Iceland 4k Aurora Borealis in Iceland 4k

The nothern lights (aurora borealis) are the result of electrons colliding with the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. This is one of the main attractions that brings visitors to Iceland.  This video shows them dancing across the Iceland skies in beautiful colors. It is truly one of the most amazing experiences to witness in person. If you wish to see the northern lights you should book your trip to Iceland between September and mid-April or you can just watch this video and experience it from your own home!

Midnight Sun | Iceland - 4K Midnight Sun | Iceland - 4K

The summer days in Iceland are long and sometimes referred to as "endless".  The sun doesn't fully set which is a photographer's dream.  The slow sunsets and sunrises make incredible pictures and timelapse videos in this case. If you are looking to catch the "midnight sun" in Reykjavik this occurs between the 16th and the 29th of June. During the winter months it is the exact opposite.  The days are dark and the sun only comes out for a couple hours. The video is a beautiful display of colors and icelandic scenery. It also highlights the various waterfalls and landscapes you will come across if you travel around the island.  

Two Lands - Greenland | Iceland - 4K Two Lands - Greenland | Iceland - 4K

In the beginning of the video there is a shot of the colorful houses you will find in both Iceland and Greenland.  The tradition of the brightly colored houses in Greenland started because of practical reasons and indicated the function of that building.  Commercial houses were red, hospitals were yellow, police stations were black, telephone companies were green and fish factories were blue. You can also find colorful houses and roofs in Iceland if you travel to the top of the church, Hallgrimskirkja, in the middle of their main city, Reykjavik. 

My magic Iceland | Timelapse My magic Iceland | Timelapse

This timelapse video of Iceland successfully captures the beauty that Iceland has to offer in the month of August.  It shows you glaciers, mountains, rivers and waterfalls that cover the island. If you visit during the summer months this video is an excellent preview of what you might witness.