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Land of Grace Land of Grace

Greece has many ruins and so much more for travelers. For many of us the first introduction to Greece was in our world history books in school.  We learned about the cultural influence of the greek civilization on governments of today and so much more.  So for those seeking to touch and see this part of our history there is a lot to see. However, this video also shows that travel to Greece can be a travel adventure for all.  Beautiful islands surrounded by cobalt blue waters viewed from checkered cafe tables on cliffs or at the waters edge.  Sail through the islands and stop to see ruins and then enjoy the warm sun on the deck of the ship.  

4 Days Santorini / Schnapsidee / Spring 2015 4 Days Santorini / Schnapsidee / Spring 2015

If beautiful Santorini is on your SomedayTrip list, you'll enjoy this video created by a man who had taken his young family there for a 4 day vacation.  He called it a "Schnapsidee", a word that we had to look up since we'd never seen it before.  It's a German word for crazy or crackpot idea.  Santorini is located in the Cyclades islands of Greece and is the remnant of a volcano.  It has steep cliffs on one side and black sand beaches on the other.  It is truly a breathtaking island. This is a very well-edited and creative video that shows the unique beauty of Santorini. 

Aqua Vista Hotels Aqua Vista Hotels

A very beautifully done video from the Aqua Vista Hotels that not only shows off their gorgeous luxury hotels built into the cliffs of Santorini but also the eye-popping views of Santorini and the towns of Oia and Fira.  Their suites are incredibly beautiful in their cave-style setting.  Imagine yourself there and taking in those breathtaking views.


Adamant Suites | Fira | Santorini | Greece Adamant Suites | Fira | Santorini | Greece

We chose this video for it's gorgeous images of Santorini.  We saw this video as more than just a promotion for the Adamant Suites hotel but a video that captures the incredible beauty of Santorini and its whitewashed cube-like houses built into the cliffs.  You'll find yourself imagining and dreaming about staying in these luxury suites one day on this extraordinarily beautiful island.

Find out more at: Adamante Suites - Santorini


Dreams Luxury Suites | Imerovigli | Santorini | Greece Dreams Luxury Suites | Imerovigli | Santorini | Greece

This video of the Dreams Luxury Suites in Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece displays the unbelievable beauty of Santorini, not to mention the hotel's gorgeous suites and beautiful infinity pool.  Roam around your spotlessly bright and white-washed color suite and take a tour of the island with the couple as they stroll along the narrow walkways high up on the cliffs.  The views of Santorini shown in this video are iconic and breathtaking.  It'll make you want to put Santorini on your travel list, and certainly this hotel as well.  When we visited Santorini, we stayed in Imerovigli, which is perfectly situated on the island between the famously picturesque city of Oia and Fira.

Acqua Vatos Hotel | Kamari | Santorini | Greece Acqua Vatos Hotel | Kamari | Santorini | Greece

Santorini is a beautiful island with its striking caldera and the deep blue color of the mediterranean sea. Many travelers stay on the caldera side where they can look down from the cliffs, but there is another part of Santorini to see as well.  This video shows the other side of the island and takes you on a tour of the Acqua Vatos Hotel.  Not far from the black sand beaches in Kamari this hotel provides an excellent alternative to the caldera side especially if you are returning to Santorini for a second or third time.  While we can recommend the hotel personally, they do have excellent rating on TripAdvisor.  You can find our more and book online at


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