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Oh how we love to explore France as the season changes to bring fall colors and autumn joy and Chenonceaux France is one destination to consider.  We have found 12 reasons why you should plan a road trip to visit the French countryside as nature paints a pallette of beautiful colors against incredible architecture and so much more. Our contributor Kelly shares her experiences and images from her twelve day tour of France itinerary. So breathe in the crisp air of fall, bundle up and let's find out what a tour of Chenonceaux can offer a wanderlust traveler. 

Inside a Paris Bakery Inside a Paris Bakery

If you've ever wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes in a French bakery, you'll enjoy this creatively done video of a master baker at work.  You may wonder why the black and white footage in the beginning, but hang in there, the color soon warms up as the croissants are gently brushed with melted butter.  You will see the baker masterfully creating delicious looking baguettes and croissants.  The video will have you dreaming of croissants, and if you're on your way to Paris, you will find plenty of bakeries with fresh baked croissants, among other mouth watering pastry delights, displayed in their window.

moulin_des_ruats_france moulin_des_ruats_france

On our recent road trip from Paris to Switzerland, we stayed a night at the quaint and charming Hotel Moulin des Ruats located in the heart of nature in the Burgundy region of France. As we passed through the town of Avallon on our way to the hotel, we were not sure if we were on the correct road as it was a narrow winding road along a river in the forest. We wondered whether our navigation system was leading us in the right direction. But we pressed on a little further and voila! Tucked away in the woods was the entrance to Moulin des Ruats.

100 Reasons to Visit Arras France Arras Tourism

Travel to Arras and explore the history of the Great World War and the beautiful French countryside with a strong Flemish influence.  It is an area in France where beer trumps wine and rows upon rows of crosses are a constant reminder of the many lives lost during World War I. Are there 100 reasons to visit Arras?  Yes, it has been 100 years since battles were fought here in World War I.  We think that many years equals 100 good reasons to pay some respect and learn some history about the area. 

Chablis Chablis

Are you hungry?  If not, then you probably will be once you watch this video that will certainly cause your mouth to water and your senses to pique as you watch this sensory overload of rustic French food being prepared in kitchens in the small village of Chablis, France.  The sight of savory steaming stews and wine swirling in a glass, and fields of grapes will have you dreaming about French food and wine.  The music sets just the right mood while you're transfixed by the sight of all the delicious looking dishes being prepared.  You'll be looking for your French cookbook, or you can try Saveur's French Country Cooking recipes if you're ready to experiment in the art of French cooking.

Bonjour Paris France | A Hyper-Lapse Film - In 4K Bonjour Paris France | A Hyper-Lapse Film - In 4K

Visit Paris, the City of Light, in this creative fast-paced hyper-lapse video that will whisk you through the city at light speed.  You will catch a glimpse of the main tourist sites in Paris, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, L'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, just to name a few.  However you may find yourself out of breath and holding onto your seat as the camera zips you through, underneath and around all the sites.  The creative use of sound effects makes the video even more interesting.  If Paris is on your someday trip list, hang on to your seat for this fast 2-minute ride.  

LE CHOCOLAT - Alain Ducasse LE CHOCOLAT - Alain Ducasse

Fascinating video of the step-by-step process of chocolate creation, from cocoa beans to delicate chocolate candies.  You'll be reaching for the nearest chocolate bar after watching this.

From Simon Penochet:  Built from an old Renault Garage in the center of Paris, near Place de la Bastille, Alain Ducasse's new chocolate factory was created with the willingness to get back to the roots of chocolate making: a careful, slow and patient work, craftsmanship and machines being as one. This short film gives us a vision of chocolate like we never see it, rough and sensual at the same time.

Freeing the Verdon Gorge Freeing the Verdon Gorge

With strength, confidence and no fear, these women scale sheer rock cliffs in the Verdon Gorge, located in southeastern France.  Aside from their incredible rock climbing skills, the scenery is gorgeous.

More from Eddie Bauer on this video:  In this transportive Cheyne Lempe video, Eddie Bauer free climbers Katie Lambert and Caroline George climb with pride in the visually stunning Verdon Gorge of southern France, where classily run-out, sandbagged and delicate routes recall an earlier pioneering era of airy sport climbing. The trip involved high-grade free climbing on Surveiller et Punir and Pichenibule that Lambert had envisioned since her early training days in the American deep south and one that forced Caroline George to face her alpinist’s fear of falling on the atmospheric rock routes that made the towering cliffs famous in international climbing circles. Put the headphones on and enjoy.

Dream Walker 2013 Episode II - Gorges Du Verdon - France Dream Walker 2013 Episode II - Gorges Du Verdon - France

Need an adrenalin rush? You'll feel it when you watch this wild video of people free falling from the Verdon Gorge cliffs in southeastern France, only tethered to a rope.  The camera is posed in front of their faces as they fall, capturing their wide-eyed expressions and their shrieks.  Would you do this?

Production: OSTRO, Cam-L
Camera Operator: OSTRO Bartłomiej Osses, Cam-L: Kamil Przybylak, Łukasz Kosecki, Dawid Lewandowski Ecokopter
Client: Dream Walker
Place: Gorges Du Verdon, France


Take a tour of the old and the new in Paris.  You'll see both the well-known landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Versailles as well as the new and modern side of the city, all through timelapse where you can see in fast time the dazzling city by day and night.

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