Hawaii Travel Videos

Exquisite, relaxing and breathtaking images of the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii with traditional Hawaiian music accompanying the scenes.

Maui: The Valley Isle Maui: The Valley Isle

Dreaming of Hawaii?  Travel with Eve and experience all that the island of Maui has to offer.  It'll take your breath away.

Eve Meighen describes her experience:

I have been dreaming about discovering the Hawaiian Islands for a long time. For sure, the most isolated inhabited landmass in the world deserves a visit! The only problem was choosing which island I would visit.  With its evergreen valleys, volcanoes and outstanding beaches, Maui seemed like the perfect fit for a first encounter.

In fact, Maui has it all.


Get your wanderlust going with this journey around the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  You'll soar over beaches and mountains, go snorkeling and dive off of rocks. 

Kauai - First Hawaii Kauai - First Hawaii

Waterfalls, lush green mountains and valleys, green meadows and colorful flowers make up this beautiful island of Kauai, all captured in this stunning video by PrimoMedia.