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8K G'Day SYDNEY 2015 8K G'Day SYDNEY 2015

Take a tour of Sydney, Australia with this fun film.  It's a little longer than most but well worth watching.  You'll get a close-up, fast-paced and colorful glimpse of the city of Sydney.

Made in Australia Made in Australia

An incredible video that takes you across the diverse landscape of Australia.  The land is arid and desert-like in much of the country, but there is also lush, tropical terrain as well as snow-capped mountains.  This video features Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, which is a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory's desert, also the 12 Apostles, which is a collection of limestone stacks off the coast of South Australia, as well as beaches, waterfalls, and the popular koala bears and kangaroos. 

Whitsunday Haven is beautifull place with many colourfull landscape changing all the day according to the tide Whitsunday Haven is beautifull place with many colourfull landscape changing all the day according to the tide dany13/flickr CC by 2.0

Once you watch this video, we're pretty certain you'll be wanting to add this video and The Whitsunday islands' Whitehaven Beach to your DreamIt list.  Your jaw will drop at the dazzling, eye-popping images of blue aqua-marine water.  This video captures an unbelievable spectrum of blue water colors.  If there was ever a video to feed the positive state of the blue mind, then this is the one.  You'll envy those on the sailboats below.  We're fairly certain it will be a video you'll want to look at often.

Australia's Gold Coast - 4K Australia's Gold Coast - 4K

This timelapse video spins you through the Gold Coast's tropical rainforests, mystical forests, and its expansive beaches, to the glittering skyscrapers of Southport.  The timelapse effect makes the people and boats appear like fast-motion toys and the overall color of the video gives it a surreal feeling. has everything you would like to know about visiting the Gold Coast of Australia.

The video creators' comments:"Australia's Gold Coast" was shot entirely in Ultra HD 4K resolution by Joe Capra (scientifantastic) over a two week period on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, and was produced for Gold Coast Tourism ( ).

Made in Tasmania, Australia Made in Tasmania, Australia

The comments by Eddie Peter Hobson below best describes his video:

In October 2012 we embarked on a project to timelapse Australia. Nearly 5 months have gone by, with over 300,000 photos taken and 21TB of WD hard drives full.
Please visit to follow the journey, as there is still another month of travel to do here in Australia, before we leave for New Zealand.
To the supporters of the project I offer my sincere thanks.
In particular, I would like to thank SeaRoad Shipping for transportation to and from Tasmania. Travelling on a cargo ship was a wonderful experience.

11 ways to get inspired in Australia 11 ways to get inspired in Australia

There are countless things to do in Australia, but this video breaks it down to 11 fun and adventurous activities, from sailing, kayaking, rafting, and snorkeling to exploring the outback and more.

Explore more of Australia on their official tourism website.

TripAdvisor offers the Top 10 things To Do in Australia:

Below are Topdeck Travel's comments and credits:Endless, golden beaches, fringing reefs and lush rainforest compete with the scorched space-like red expanses of the outback and some of the world’s most liveable cities.

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