New Zealand

New Zealand New Zealand

Time to plan that road trip through New Zealand? Our newest travel video in our collection shares a 33-day journey across the country from Christchurch to Auckland. Many of us do not have a month to visit a country but this video will provide some great inspiration and ideas for even a two-week trip across New Zealand's two main Islands.

Aotearoa - New Zealand Aotearoa - New Zealand

Why travelers are flocking to New Zealand is not just for the hobbit village. Travel video creator Ludovic Gibert takes us on an extraordinary journey through New Zealand in this stunning 3-minute video to explain why.  Thoughtfully edited, he presents a compelling picture of the magnificence of New Zealand, from its beautiful people, to its incredibly colorful landscape.

Feel the need for speed, need a rush, a thrill?  It's all there for you in this video from the comfort of your chair.  Guaranteed to rev your pulse.  A good mid-day pick-me-up video if you need a little excitement.  Five minutes of pure adrenalin rush from GoPro. 

Travel to New Zealand for Adventure Travel to New Zealand for Adventure

If you are an adventure seeker we created a sneak peak at what you can find in New Zealand. A land rich in wilderness, culture, hobbit lands and adventure-seeking fun. Join us at to explore more of New Zealand and the New Zealand's tourism site ( 

New Zealand New Zealand

Have some fun with this video of a young lady traveling around New Zealand on many sporting adventures and activities, all while wearing her crocs.  This appears to be her first video posted on Vimeo and she's off to a great start.  It's very creative and amusing.

Becky Gmahling's comment:  Croc'd through New Zealand and fell in love with the Kiwi life.
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View from Above- New Zealand View from Above- New Zealand

Learn all about New Zealand and the sights you'll see in this video from the View from Above team:

The island nation of New Zealand may have a lot in common with its bigger neighbour, Australia (but don’t tell it we said that), but the truth is that the country is unique, and probably the most beautiful nation in the South Pacific. With green farms and snow topped mountains, modern trendy cities and traditional Maori villages, New Zealand is a perfect destination. Expertly filmed with GoPro cameras and unmanned DJI drones, View from Above captures the beautiful country in ways that have never been seen before.

Miniature Wellington - Tilt Shift Time Lapse Miniature Wellington - Tilt Shift Time Lapse

Toy people, toy city, through the creative use of timelapse photography with the toy-like music to match.  Visit a miniature Wellington, New Zealand.  You can't help but smile when watching this.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and sits near the North Island’s southernmost point.  The city has a waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, a harbour and colorful timber houses on surrounding hills.

100% Pure New Zealand: Every day a different journey 100% Pure New Zealand: Every day a different journey

100% Pure New Zealand, the offical travel website for New Zealand, created this brief video that takes you on a journey around the rugged island.

Postcard from New Zealand Postcard from New Zealand

Explore the magnificence of wild and beautiful New Zealand.  Enjoy this top quality, stunning video of New Zealand.