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Dreaming of totally disconnecting and getting away from it all?  Then take a few minutes to virtually escape to the beautiful islands of Vanuatu where calm white sand beaches, turquoise blue water and friendly people await you. This amazing video by Face du Monde will transport you to these unspoiled islands and leave you dreaming about traveling there someday. We asked one of our someday trippers who lived there what she thought of Vanuatu and she enthusiastically replied with this: "Vanuatu may be the most beautiful place I've seen. Tiny islands all around you, sparkling emerald water, active volcanoes, blue holes, beautiful sunsets, white sand beaches, black stone beaches, tons of waterfalls, incredible snorkeling and diving, dives of WW2 shipwrecks, eco-tourism, the list goes on.  Ni-Vans (the citizens of Vanuatu) have also been ranked the happiest people in the world. It is simply pristine and joyful there."