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Travel Videos Can Cure Your Blues Travel Videos Can Cure Your Blues

Did you know you can travel for free around the world in minutes? Many have subscribed to this method with amazing results that will lift your mood and cure your wanderlust blues. The secret to free travel requires only a web browser, device (phone, tablet, computer) and some of your time. In minutes, watching a travel video will transport you to somewhere in the world and immerse you in part of the pleasure you get from traveling. Good videos that make the grade for our curated travel videos on can become addictive, but as we promised they are free. So give it a try, explore a new place each day and soon you will be traveling daily during coffee breaks or while relaxing after work. What will be your next free travel destination?

If you create high quality travel videos drop us a note and we will do a review and get back to you.

The Eternal Moment of Now The Eternal Moment of Now

Escape for a few moments and explore the world in this amazing video that will make you stop and reflect upon the extraordinary majesty of this planet.  This video will transport you to far off places around the world where you'll feel as if you're that person standing on the rocks, by the river, or on the cliffs reveling in those breathtaking views, reconnecting with nature, and being restored by the beautiful landscape around you. A feeling of calm and contemplation envelopes you while watching this video.  Shawn Reeder has created an amazing film that reminds us of the incredible beauty of our planet.  Many of the scenes are captured in Yosemite National Park, California.

Splendid Earth Splendid Earth

This spectacular video, visually stunning in every way, makes you feel like you're on a magic carpet ride around the world, flying over some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  It will surely spark your wanderlust and have you dreaming of traveling to the amazing places featured in this beautiful travel video.  This is simply three minutes of wonderful that will leave you in a state of awe at what an amazing planet we live on.  It's simply dazzling, a feast for the eyes, with a tender music selection that may touch your emotions. 

Footprints Across Asia in 1 Year - A hyperlapse journey Footprints Across Asia in 1 Year - A hyperlapse journey

This video is mesmerizing and very amusing to watch.  It takes you on a journey through Asia with a couple who appear to be walking and running through their destinations.  It's very creatively done, and a lot of fun to watch.

Aurora Borealis seen from International Space Station [HD 1080p] Aurora Borealis seen from International Space Station [HD 1080p]

 In case you're ever planning to travel to space, here's how the Aurora Borealis looks from above.  The video captures the feeling of serenity as you float in space above the earth.  Maybe someday this will be on your travel list.

The 2015 Timelapse Showreel The 2015 Timelapse Showreel

Amazing footage and demonstration of techniques and equipment used to do timelapse video.  This fascinating video not only takes you on a tour of the world but also shows you video of sunrises and sunsets over beautiful landscapes, production of an airplane, and mechanical devices all in timelapse format. 

This is Team BlackSheep This is Team BlackSheep

A very familar music theme starts this film.  You'll be awestruck by the many stunning images of landmarks around the world.  Oliver KMIA has put together an incredible movie that takes you everywhere and more.  How many places have you been to or recognize in this film?  It'll get your heart pounding with some of the action packed fast-paced film sequences, flying high over buildings, along rivers and across deserts at high speeds.  It's a wild ride!

The Future of Travel The Future of Travel

Why is travel and tourism important?  Maybe you've never thought about travel as being more than vacation, satisfying your wanderlust and seeing new places.  This inspiring video will make you think differently about travel.  You'll realize how travel is sustainable and benefits other cultures.  This short video reminds us that we have a beautiful planet and beautiful humans all over the world.

GoPro: Humpback Whales From A Drone GoPro: Humpback Whales From A Drone

This is a short but incredible video of humpback whales taken from above the water with a GoPro on a drone.  What a view of these amazing creatures!

Around the World in Two Minutes Around the World in Two Minutes Max Seigal

This around-the-world video created by Max Seigal is truly beautiful and inspiring.  There are so many breathtaking scenes throughout the video, with many of the clips in the U.S. West. 

Film Credits:  Epic drone video from locations all around the world, shot by Max Seigal (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) of Seagull Aerial ( Video shot with the Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 and the Inspire 1, by DJI - most shots from the Expedition Series kit assembled by DSLRPros. Locations include Mt. Fuji, Japan, Kyoto, Shibuya, Vietnam, Greece, Meteora, Croatia, Switzerland, Zermatt, Moab, Utah, Colorado, Rocky Mountains, Waterfalls, Boulder, California, San Fransisco, New York, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, with many more.