Dive into Australia

Written by  somedaytrips

View the wonders of coastal Australia in this inspiring travel video that takes you on a tour of the gorgeous coastal areas of Australia.  Imagine yourself immersed in the turquoise blue waters along the coast of the Whitsundays, or strolling along beaches of pure white sand, or driving along the Great Ocean Road and viewing the impressive 12 Apostles rock formations, or diving into the Great Barrier Reef.  This video gives you a taste of the many aquatic experiences you can enjoy in Australia.  There are more than you probably imagined.  Take a look and you may be surprised.

Explore Australia's aquatic adventures

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From Tourism Australia:  How can the colour blue be a feeling? Well, it’s hard to describe. But it is. You see, it’s different down here. The air just has more life in it. Sounds touch you. And the light fills you up somehow. Yeah, it’s a place that stays with you. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, it stays forever. Because Australia isn’t just a place you see… It’s a place you feel. https://www.australia.com/360

      Location Info:  Australia
      GPS: -25.431387   134.838193
      Accuracy: approximate
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