Hello Sydney Australia

      Credit:  jansoli
       Video Duration: 6m
Written by  jansoli

Take a tour of Sydney, Australia with this fun film.  It's a little longer than most but well worth watching.  You'll get a close-up, fast-paced and colorful glimpse of the city of Sydney.

Jansoli's comments about the film:

8K Timelapse Sydney
4K version - G’Day Sydney!
The beautiful and kind city welcomed me with windy raining weather on my arrival day and I could experience the drastically changing weather of Sydney.
I continued to work on this project, so I had a hot summer Christmas Day and New Year day there too.
A relaxing harbor city, Sydney has lots of attractions which are unique only to this city.

Captured in 8256x6192 resolution of the Pentax 645z in raw.
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