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Where to go in 2017 is a question that many travelers may be asking themselves on January 1, 2017 as they reflect on their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps one of the resolutions was to do more travel or check off the big one on their bucket list.  The beginning of the year is a good time to plan most summer trips and beyond that.  So where to go?  Here are some of our thoughts on where you might want to consider traveling in 2017, which include some travel destinations by our team.

French Polynesia

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We believe there is no wrong time to visit the islands of French Polynesia, so will 2017 be the year to visit these islands?  The peak season runs from May to September and then you may run into some rainy weather.  There is so much to see here with islands scattered to form this collective of lush tropical paradises.  Have you ever been to a Biosphere Reserve? The island of Fakarava, located southeast of larger Rangiroa, has the second largest lagoon in the Tuamotu Atolls. The reef here encloses such a rich ecosystem that it has been designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, one of the many reasons to put this destination on your list.  For divers, fair warning that sights here might take your breath away, so make sure the bubbles are still forming.  Some say diving anywhere after this area is just not the same.  Here are some featured travel videos to get you stoked about planning your trip. Not the cheapest area to visit, so it's one you may want to save for.  So if not 2017, start saving for 2018.

Cruising the Islands

Bora Bora

The Islands of Tahiti

Discover Tahiti

All travelers will generally enter the islands through the island of Tahiti.  From here you can create an itineray of island hopping with the help of  Members of our team planned an itinerary to Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora and Rangiroa tranferring from island to island and then returning to Tahiti.  A popular alternative to this approach is cruising the islands.  The primary options for this are two top-of-the-line cruise lines - Paul Gauguin and Windstar Cruises.  These are luxury cruises but take the hassle of island-hopping out of the equation and in some ways get you a closer perspective and view of the remote aspects of these islands.  Air Tahiti Nui offers affordable air fares from Los Angeles (LAX), Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Paris, France.

The Rockies in Canada

alberta lake 600 CA

This is the year of the 150th anninversary of the official independence of Canada.  There are sure to be a number of events throughout the year for travelers to consider and all national park fees are waived.  So what better time to visit Jasper or Banff National Parks in Alberta or the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia?  Travelers from the United States have never had a better time to visit Canada with an exchange rate of $1.34 to one U.S. dollar at the time of this writing. Here is a list of some of our top travel videos featuring the Rockies and Coastal range of British Columbia and Alberta.

Explore Banff and Jasper National Parks

The Amazing 'Remember to Breathe' Video of Alberta

Then Sensory Nature of British Columbia

The best entry points to visiting this area are either Calgary, Alberta or Vancouver, British Columbia.  One popular option is to take one of the most scenic trains from either of these cities through the area.  The Rocky Mountaineer, in one word, is spectacular.  They are currently running a promotion of up to $450 in additional spending money if you book now.  There are several routes to choose from with each providing a traveler an amazing view of Canada's Rockies.


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Croatia has been a hot tourist area for a few years now and some would say that it is becoming too crowded.  The Dalmation coast has a lot to offer with its beautiful coastline and gorgeous historic cities. The filming of Game of Thrones has helped bring tourists to this area.  Split is an amazing stop on the coast where you can see the Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of the city.  This is one of a few UNESCO heritage sites that you can include in an itinerary during your visit.  Dubrovnik is of course another very popular desitination, and for those that want to leave the cities and reach out to nature, Krka National Park is just north of Split. Famous for the cascading waterfalls, you can take a river boat trip or hike around this pristine area.  Croatia is best to visit during the months of summer as rain and fog can be ever present during other times of the year.

Discover the Dalmation Coast

Soar Through Croatia

Dubrovnik is a great spot to start your tour of the coast and then work your way up the coast.  Many major airports have flights to and from this city.  If you wish to see more of the coast you can consider flying into Zagreb and making your way down the coast and ending in Dubrovnik.  If you love Game of Thrones then you might want to consider this itinerary as an option.


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Photo Credit: Finland Tourism/JN Lanthiez

Why travel to Finland? We answer that with why not? If you were planning a Someday Finland trip, why not during the 100th anniversary of its independence. During the warmer months you can see some pristine wilderness with more temperate climates.  Helsinki boasts 100km of coastline as a city with over 300 islands with great sightseeing excursions over the water.  The cuisine in the city has evolved from French to more classic Nordic cuisine by top chefs.  For travelers looking for different flavors of Finnish cuisine this cuisine map will help guide your taste buds to new flavors.  For those loving the cool temperature and northern lights, Finland has great options to get out in some crisp snow. If you want to watch the northern lights as you sleep, there are glass hut igloo options.  Here are some of our video articles to help you decide if Finland should be in your travel dreams. 

A Timelapse of the beauty of Finland

Luxury Igloo Resort

Arctic Playtime in Winter

Helsinki is the main port of entry for Finland by air and sea. From here you can make your way into the back country and frolic with the reindeer and snow or visit the Helsinki region.  Some may want to consider the maritime advantage of Helsinki and explore the Baltic sea.  Sea transports to Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo are easily made from this point.  Finland Tourism shares 17 reasons why you should visit their country, if you are still not convinced.

Saint Martin


pinel beach boat sm 600


If you have never been to the beautiful island of Saint Martin you should make plans to go in 2017.  The island is very unique with flavors of Dutch and French separating the island.  Our first introduction was through a 5-day stay at the Coral Beach Resort. We were awarded this visit by winning the Readers Choice award for a photo of Capri Italy from Islands Magazine. This trip was an awakening that many tourists feel when visiting the island for the first time.  A shore stop from a cruise is not a real visit.  When you can explore the beautiful beaches and culture here, you will keep this island on your Caribbean destination list forever.  We strongly recommend you make sure to plan a day visit to Pinel Island, one of our most favorite beaches and oasis on the island.  Here are some travel videos to inspire a visit in 2017.

The Best of Pinel Island

The Amazing Beaches of Saint Martin

The Beautiful Coral Beach Club


The main entry point to the island is via the main airport on the Dutch side.  On thing to remember on your return trip is to go early via Moho Beach and see the plans fly in low over the beach.  There are plenty of hotel options around the island.  The decision on where to stay can be dependent on the wether you plan to park yourself and relax or explore the beaches using a car.  We recommend getting a car to give you the freedom to explore both sides of the island. 

Costa Rica



The reports came in from our contributors that Costa Rica is a beautiful place to take a break and get away from it all so we have included it in our 2017 dream trip vacations.  This Central American country is very welcoming to tourists and has numerous options to explore.  From rainforests to wide open beaches and jungle waterfalls, if you want to get away and deep into some tropical nature you will easily find a place to rest your feet and do some adventures. We will warn you that it is typically very humid and hot so if you have the hair that goes crazy in humidity welcome to the land of crazy hair.  All kidding aside, exploring this country through the many hiking trails near resorts will give you everlasting memories and make you wonder why you had not come before.  To get you motivated for a visit you should watch a video on the funny side that we call Concrete Jungle.  It will make you want to escape and why not Costa Rica. Check out some of our travel videos on Costa Rica below.

Concrete Jungle

Costa Rica Sunsets

Have An Adventure in Costa Rica

Getting to Costa Rica by air you have various options.  If you are staying in the central or Pacific side then San Jose airport is your best bet.  If you are considering Costa Rica for a honeymoon or special treat we would strongly recommend the Rancho Pacifico hotel.  Our contributors and other reviewers just love this place for the rooms, the view and the service.  The SomedayTrips team has also been to Ocho Artisan Bungalow in Playa Tamarindo and we can highly recommend this hotel as well. It is also located on the Pacific side and down near the water so less of view from the top of the rainforest but still spectacular.  If you're considering a vacation to Costa Rica, take a look at this 12-Day Panama and Costa Rica itinerary that two of our SomedayTrippers just experienced and had nothing but good things to say about their trip.

There are so many places to consider when deciding on where to go in 2017.  Regardless of where you go or if your budget only lets you dream, SomedayTrips is here to help.  Follow us on social media, sign-up for our newsletter and visit our website regularly to dream everyday about travel. Our goal is to keep the dreams alive and try to get you on that special trip Someday!