Finished Dreaming? Google Wants To Plan Your Trip

Finished Dreaming? Google Wants To Plan Your Trip Google

Our videos and imagery take you places to dream everyday of travel, but when it comes time to plan your trip it can be a bit of challenge.  Google has jumped into travel planning just as Yahoo pulled out of Travel. So what does Google bring to the already confusing travel planning market?

They say they are trying to give you the inspiration without the persperation or become that travel agency that seems to be missing in our travel planning today.  The features they represent are impressive and well organized and very visual.  If you are a fan of the Hopper app, Google Travel is taking things a bit further and estimating what your trip might cost you and the best prices by date.  Will this become your next travel planning tool? The need for better planning tools is clearly something every traveler that wants to create a custom itinerary wants and it is unclear if Google has satisfied that need.


Google Destinations

This new feature is only avaialble on a mobile device which does seem somewhat strange considering most people would plan a major trip on something larger than a phone.  We look forward to testing this out against our current intinerary for a trip to France, Switzerland and Italy early this summer and see how it fair.  Until then take a look at the video on what they are trying to offer.



Google Destinations