Sensory Nature and Poetry in British Columbia

Written by  somedaytrips

If a trip to British Columbia has been on your bucket list, it is time you understand how deep and meaningful the experience can be.  Canadian word artist Shane Koyczan brings powerful words to sensually enriching imagery in this travel video published by Destination British Columbia.

If this video does not convince you that it is time to enrich your soul and get in touch with nature in British Columbia, then it is time that you give up trying. It is a masterpiece of words and cinematography that is a perfect way to escape a stressful day in the city.  Open fires on the beach, grilling fresh caught salmon and being surrounded by some of nature's tallest evergreens are only some of the imagery that will capture your senses in this video and make you feel grounded.  If you only watch this once, we would be very surprised.  In the brief two minutes of your first viewing, the perfection of the words and scenery make the experience so surreal that it is almost impossible to actually process the words on the first run.  If this moves you as it did us, then be sure to save it to a dream cloud. There is nothing like dreaming everyday to beautiful poetry and mother earth's creations. 

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Destination British Columbia describes the video:

A powerful poem by Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan about the wild within British Columbia, Canada. / @HelloBC

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