Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip In Canada

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All aboard for the best travel adventure train ride through the magnificent Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer. One of the best train travel experiences in the world, it delivers majestic views at every turn in the tracks. Anytime is a good time to consider a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer, but this year is special as Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday.  Rocky Mountaineer is offering a special incentive to those who book a trip in 2017.  If seeing the Canadian Rockies by train is on your bucket list, then this year would be a great time to take this extraordinary journey.

To help you decide, take a few minutes and watch this travel video that will give you a tempting glimpse of what a spectacular journey this is as you travel in style and comfort on this deluxe train through Western Canada.  You'll see some of the most spectacular vistas you could possibly imagine along routes that take you from Seattle and Vancouver to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Calgary, and more all while you relax in luxurious seats, enjoy fine dining and friendly, excellent service the whole way.

Luxury and Spectacular Views

What could be a more relaxing way to savor this jaw-dropping scenery than by luxury train ride?  The Rocky Mountaineer delivers the ultimate sight-seeing experience with several train route options that transport you through some of the most beautiful regions of Canada.  They offer four different routes, but how do you decide which route is best for you?  They have numerous packages depending on what you're interested in, including routes with a pre or post-tour Alaska cruise.  Simply use the filters on their website to narrow down the details, and then select from three levels of service and a variety of options.  It will still be hard to decide as all the options look enticing.

 Photo Credit:  Rocky Mountaineer

Photo Credit:  Rocky Mountaineer

Traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer can't help but be a most unforgettable and magical journey, so check out their website,, for all the details plus dazzling photos and short videos that will surely inspire you to add this to your travel plans this year. 

To help you decide which area you want to visit, take a look at our article on Banff and Jasper National Parks to understand exactly what kind of awe-inspiring scenery you can see on this train trip.  Mostly likely you will want to take the route that includes both of these parks as the parks are adjacent to each other in Alberta and of course the scenery is absolutely stunning. 

If you love train travel and have been dreaming of traveling in Europe by train, then check out our article on the 5-Day Dream Trip in Switzerland where you can get an idea of an itinerary through Switzerland by Swiss rail, the most punctual and comfortable rail systems in Europe that travel through the breathtaking Swiss Alps and beyond.

Remarks from the Rocky Mountaineer:  Our 2013 Experience Video takes you through the stunning landscapes of Western Canada on the internationally acclaimed Rocky Mountaineer rail journey. The video is accompanied by British singer and songwriter, Andrew Mockler and his single, "Next Train," which recently won the Rocky Mountaineer Song Contest. Watch as nature's drama unfolds with tumbling waterfalls, glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains and roaming wildlife - all serving as the backdrop to the lively social atmosphere onboard the train. Join us on this spectacular journey and see for yourself why Rocky Mountaineer is considered by many to be the only way to see the Canadian Rockies.

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