Stingray City Best Grand Cayman Excursion

Written by  somedaytrips

The best Grand Cayman excursion for cruise or land travelers is Stingray City captured in 4K video. Diving of course is world famous in the Caymans but for most a simple snorkel or water adventure will do. Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean are just a few of the cruise lines that visit Grand Cayman and offer excursions to this popular attraction and this video proves why it tops the lists for a must-see.

We were on the island and drove to Safe Haven harbor to pick up our tour. Give yourself plenty of time to get there in the morning as traffic on the island is busy at rush hour. From there we did a snorkel stop at the Coral Gardens, Stingray City, and Starfish Point. All were great experiences, but Stingray City was amazing.

This video was filmed in the beautiful clear waters of Grand Cayman with a GoPro 5. We remain totally impressed with this camera and its performance in 4K.

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