Rancho Pacifico Resort Costa Rica

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Rancho Pacifico is one of the most beautiful small luxury resorts in Costa Rica.  It is perfectly situated high up on a mountain top affording dramatic views of the rainforest and beaches that surround it.  It is described as one of the most romantic getaway spots in the world, and one can certainly see why from this gorgeous video where they have captured the essence of this lovely resort.  You will feel yourself being drawn into the scenes as if you are actually there. 

What better way to explore the natural wonders of Costa Rica than from this remarkable resort, both away from it all yet still accessible to activities to explore the lush landscape that surrounds it. You will be thoroughly pampered by their exceptional staff, delight in the resort's unique twist on casual fine dining focused on healthy and organic specialties, luxuriate in beautifully appointed and spacious ocean villas and suites, all in an exotic jungle setting.  If you're looking for the ultimate villa at this resort, book the Villa Romantica, described as pure paradise, like being in a treehouse heaven, with its amazing view of the ocean and jungle and a gorgeous infinity pool. The resort has covered every little detail to make it a magical and romantic getaway. You can just chill, take in your surroundings and decompress from work or you can explore the local area as well.

 After enjoying some pampering at the resort, you can explore the local rainforest and beaches. Here is your dream day away from home.  Are you ready?  Dress for hot humid weather, grab some water bottles, your camera and some sturdy shoes and venture out for a hike near the resort. Travel through the rainforest path to the sounds of birds and the rustle of monkeys. Can you see them?  No, you are not in a dream. That foggy mist you see is just the local morning humidity reminding you it is there.

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Turn a corner and find your freshwater waterfall and pool waiting for you to take a dip.  You are not even at the beach yet and it feels like you have just been cast in a Jurassic Park movie.  Finally, you have descended the mountain to a wide open beach and the sound of soft rolling waves lapping at the shore. Time to take a break, roll out a blanket, open some wine and chill to the sounds of nature.  Immerse yourself in this moment of paradise, and if you brought some music along capture it with a song that will always take you back here, anywhere, any time.  Learn our travel tip on how.


 Photo Credits: SomedayTrips Contributors Jay and Darcie

 Our SomedayTrips contributors ranked the Rancho Pacifico 5 stars. We can understand why when you get a personal phone call from the owners hundreds of miles away during your stay.  It evokes a sense of pride and caring that is rare in the world of hospitality for travelers today.  If you are still not convinced that this resort needs to be on your list for your dream trip to Costa Rica then read  more on their Tripadvisor review. It will give you another perspective of just how amazing it is to stay here.   For more information about this resort, including gorgeous photos that will get you dreaming, visit ranchopacifico.com.

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