River Cruise Travel For Millennials in Europe

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Millennial travel meets a new friend on the water in Europe with the new U by Uniworld river cruises for the millennial travelers.  As seen in the 2018 season of the television series, The Bachelor, this river boat is unlike any other you have seen and designed to get a younger generation seeing the benefits of popular European river cruises . If you would like the choice of putting your suitcase away once, starting your day of exploring a city from the city center, and an evening cruise every night, then it is time to learn more about why Boat A and Boat B as they are know will soon become popular ships along Europe's waterways. 

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Budapest Hungary - Credit: Uniworld

Are River Cruises Boring?

So what does a millennial traveler want, and why would they consider a river cruise? Some writers and travel experts believe they want culturally rich travel experiences and to explore the unknown.  When surveyed on the likelihood of booking a cruise for their next trip, 60% said they definitely will and another 20% said they probably will.  Perhaps that answers the question about cruises in general. But has U by Uniworld created a new niche cruise travel option for millennials?  River cruising is not boring unless you want it to be, and many cruise lines are adapting to the changing way individuals want to travel (ex. bicycles and active tours).  Traveling on Boat A or Boat B, here are some of the on-board experiences you can encounter.   A painting class paired with wine on the top deck will give you a creative experience that can be fun even if you have no creative capabilities - that is where the wine fits in.  Next, meet the chef for a multi-course cooking class because we all know that travel and food belong together.  The Travel Channel seems to be more and more like Food TV.  This does not sound like a boring river cruise to us.

u by uniworld mixology class

Disco and Mixology Classes

If you watched The Bachelor river cruise on February 5, 2018, it would have been challenging not to notice the lounges and general decor of this boat that just screams chic fun.  The rooftop lounge has the Ice Bar that has amazing hydraulic walls that lower when they cruise under low bridges.  The decor will draw you here every night and the silent disco feature is brilliant.  The DJ spins tunes for the crowd but you put your headphones on to hear the music.  If you would rather sip a cocktail and enjoy the lapping sounds of the water along the vessel as it coasts to the next port, you can do that while others rock with the DJ.  Did we already say this is brilliant? So where do there signature cocktails come from?  Mixologists of course.  You will have the opportunity to explore the depths of today's newest mixology revival found in bars and your local speakeasy around the world.  Just another fun class option while on board that creates a little food chemistry fun with liquor.  The cruise ship is running local taps as well at the onboard bar for those wanting to taste some local beers.

uniworld silent disco

Why Take  A River Cruise?

There are numerous options for one to plan a travel itinerary through Europe. Trains are very efficient and an easy way to move from city center across various countries on the rails.  Road trips can be amazing if you are comfortable driving and experiencing the thrill of that type of exploration but then there is the parking. The U by Uniworld river cruise provide you floating boutique hotel where you park your luggage once and let someone else do the driving.  Think of the time you can save shuffling from one city to another, unpacking, finding that right AirBnB or hotel let alone the planning.  Explore each port city on your schedule after a leisurely breakfast on board 

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Excellent Cruise Food

Are you ready to explore food that has been inspired by the cities that you will visit on your river cruise?  Tastebuds should travel and have a vacation from the ordinary and your experience with Uniworld will make food another part of the travel experience.  There are two meals included everyday based on the cruise schedule. You can enjoy the creativity modern dishes from the chef with organic and vegetarian options.  You can also indulge in a juicy hamburger and frites if that is more to your taste and mood. Here is a short lists of some foodie favorites available on this cruise: U by Uniworld Sharing Platter (Grilled vegetables, rillettes, charcuterie, French Pissaladière), the Juicy Lucy burger, a U by quinoa burger (v), The b cabbage slaw & two kinds of fries, and comfort food from celebrity cookbook author Bea Tollman. It is hard to ignore the food on-board but don't forget you also can get into the city and explore the local cuisine.  They have also partnered with eatwith.com where you can arrange to have a local meal prepare by a U host .

germany passau river cruise u by uniworld

Top River Cruise Destinations

Uniworld is a significant rivier cruise operation so while the U by Uniworld concept with two boats is unique it is part of a much larger ecosystem of travel.  In 2018 they have announced the ships will see 27 ports of call, 6 countries and 4 rivers as part of their ship itineries. Curises include the Siene Experience, Rolling the Rhine, Germany's Finest, The Danube Flow, Dashing Through the Danube and A Merry Little Christmas Cruise.  Rolling the Rhine will take you from Amsterdam to Frankfurt Germany with port stops in Haarlem, Cologne, Bonn, and Koblenz on an 8-day Rhine cruise. 


U by Uniworld Rhine Experience 8 Days Amsterdam to Frankfurt
U by Uniworld Paris Seine Cruise Travel 8 Days in Paris and 4 other ports
The Danube Flow U by Uniworld Tour 8 day including Budapest, Vienna and more. .


Best New Cruise Option For Millennials

The headline says it all with U by Uniworld being the best new river cruise for young adults looking to explore Europe with comfort, great food and no hassle.  Time to pack your walking and dance shoes and plan one of this cruises on their inagural year.  Summer options are selling out fast for the Siene experience in Paris but it is not to late to catch a fall cruise which is a beautiful time to visit Paris.  Contact our SomedayTrips Travel Services professionals to get more details and a hassle free vacation planned for Europe this year.  We would love to make this SomedayTrip happen for you and are pleased to provide this new supplier to our travel customers.  

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