Fairytales & Beer Vacation In Prague

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A river, history, culture, architecture and so much more provides a rich menu of things to do in Prague.  This travel video gives you a short window into the views of what a traveler can experience in the city. In less than two minutes you will find yourself dreaming of a fairytale vacation to Prague Someday! As part of our series on visiting Prague, you can find out more about what to do in this city here.


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Did you know that Prague has been referred to as the City of Beer?  The world famous Budweiser beer actually originated here.  With microbrews popping up everywhere in the world it is getting harder to make that claim perhaps, but with 100 breweries, any beer lover will want to do a tour.  There are several tour operators, or you can go solo.  In most breweries the tastings are often 5-7 types of beer with a tour beer master providing information. A traditional stop is the U Fleku Brewery. Here there are eight halls and a garden to enjoy with beer and classic Czech food.  The world famous Budweiser beer actually originated here as Budweiser Budvar.  They offer tours for those who wish to see the king of beer's cousin, which is a true Czech beer. 

Here are some options available for Beer Tours and a map of Breweries/Pubs


Golden City Beer Tours 

Still looking for something different to do with beer? How about a beer spa tour?  No, you are not bathing in beer but some unique ingredients and beers are at the ready to drink. You can find out more here on spa tour options and watch a video on it below.



From the Videographer:

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is a historical city like straight from a fairytale with its gothic and baroque architecture. Beyond the old castles, cathedrals, churches, squares and bridges crossing the Vltava river, the city offers a great amount of other cultural and culinary highlights. In Prague you can experience the views from a multitude of famous movies as you stroll through the vibrant city at day or night. Your shortcut to Prague: https://www.finnair.com

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