Wordsworth - The Lake District

Written by  somedaytrips

Explore the lovely Lake District of England in this travel video that caresses you with words of poetry.  Yes, we said poetry and not just any poet but English romantic poet William Wordsworth.  Many of his writings reference this area of England. Short in length, but a video that perhaps captures the reason why so many visit the United Kingdom; for the culture and natural beauty of the countryside.  Enjoy this different way to dream everyday about your future travel locations.

The Lake District is a popular holiday destination, being famous for its lakes, forests and mountains.  Many enjoy hiking and walking through this beautiful area.  Specialists at Mickeldore can get you setup with a walking tour of the area. Highlighted walks include Cumbria Way, Inn Way to the Lake District, and Northern Lakes Traverse.

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More Information from the BiG - Britain Is Great:

The Lake District is one of the most stunning areas of Britain immortalised by the words of Wordsworth. He described Grasmere as “The loveliest spot that man has ever found”. Watch the full film on Britain is GREAT: https://www.britainisgreat.com/wordsworth-lake-district/

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