Finland Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Written by  Cirrus Productions Ltd

This is an absolutely beautiful tour of a most amazing Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland.  This is the second of two videos of the resort.  We wanted to include this one as well as it takes you on an aerial tour of the resort, its beautiful lodging and fun activities.  We find this resort to be so unique and special.  Imagine staying in a glass igloo and viewing the incredible nature around you, especially the northern lights.  The descriptive banners in this one are very helpful, and the musical score is very uplifting and perfect for the video.  Both this and the other Kakslauttanen resort video on our site are a must-see. 


The Finnish Lapland region is a winter adventure wonderland for those looking to add it to their bucketlist of Someday Trips in the future.  Is it cold in the winter? Well yes but that is what makes everything so beautiful there during that season. If you want to get close to the North Pole and perhaps see if you can get a glimpse of Santa, then this is the place. Depending upon the time in winter, daylight hours are limited, but then the beautiful northern lights are there to illuminate your igloo. So stay warm and enjoy the light show on a polar night. For those interested in wildlife and have never seen a reindeer, your dream will surely happen in this area.  The region boasts over 190,000 reindeers.

Numerous activities await the adventure traveler to this region while enjoying luxurious igloo accommodations.  In Finland you can go snowmobile riding, take a dog sled tour, ice fish, snowshoe and so much more. 

The igloo concept got our attention and watching the video initially made our feet get cold but then they warmed up and a smile grew thinking about the natural beauty one could experience at this resort.  Are you ready to experience a trip to the Finnish Lapland area in winter?  We have added it to our Someday Trip list.

Visit the Finland Tourism Lapland page for more information on the area

Photo Credit: Finland Tourism/Saara Salama

Photo Credit: Finland Tourism/Miikka Niemi

Aerial feature film commissioned by Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

      Location Info:  Finland
      GPS: 68.334855   27.334489
      Accuracy: near
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