Food and Wine in Chablis France

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Are you hungry?  If not, then you probably will be once you watch this video that will certainly cause your mouth to water and your senses to pique as you watch this sensory overload of rustic French food being prepared in kitchens in the small village of Chablis, France.  The sight of savory steaming stews and wine swirling in a glass, and fields of grapes will have you dreaming about French food and wine.  The music sets just the right mood while you're transfixed by the sight of all the delicious looking dishes being prepared.  You'll be looking for your French cookbook, or you can try Saveur's French Country Cooking recipes if you're ready to experiment in the art of French cooking.

Saveur Magazine:  Writer Adam Gollner and photographer William Hereford traveled to Chablis, France, to discover its wine, people, and simple, sturdy cuisine.

The article that inspired us to put Chablis on our travel itinerary through France came from AFAR's How To Throw A French Dinner Party.  After reading this, we just couldn't resist adding this quaint little medieval town in the middle of the Burgundy wine region to our route.  We were not disappointed when we arrived there. 

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Some photos to help you dream of this picture perfect town.

Entrance to the town of Chablis. So classically Old World.

We couldn't help but capture this pretty window garden.

Of course, Chablis is in the Burgundy wine region.

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