1-Day In Corfu Cruise Excursion Tips

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Your Mediterranean cruise is going to Corfu, so what are the attractions you can see in one day and the history behind this island to make it a travel destination? The Greek island of Corfu, also known by its Greek name of Kerkyra, lures travelers from all over the world to its natural beauty, stunning coastline, pristine beaches with crystalline water, multi-cultural heritage and amazing archaeological sites. It is the greenest and lushest of all the Greek islands. Its pleasant Mediterranean climate, appealing natural landscape and abundant resources, and strategic location between Italy, Greece and Albania in the Ionian Sea made it the target of many conquerers over the past centuries.  The Venetians, French and British, to name a few, left their indelible mark on the culture and architecture of this island.

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Old Town Corfu, the capital city, is a UNESCO world heritage site, for its blend of beautifully preserved buildings reflecting the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras.  By simply walking through the city, you can enjoy the architectural influences of the many cultures that have settled here. 

Corfu Fortress and Old Town

corfu fortress walls old town walking

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The Esplanade, or Spiniada, centrally located between the Old Fortress and Corfu Town, is a huge open square and park full of trees, fountains and monuments likened to one of Paris' most beautiful streets, the Rue de Rivoli.  The long Liston building, built under French rule in the early 19th century, with its amazing vaulted galleries and archways, runs along the Esplanade and is filled with coffee shops, bistros and restaurants and a great place to just stroll through and enjoy the sights and people. At the north end of the Esplanade is the Royal Palace of St. Michael and St. George built in 1823 by the British during their rule of the island and one of the first neo-classical buildings in Corfu. 

Next, just wander around the Old Fortress where you can enjoy spectacular views of the town on one side and the mountainous Albanian coast on the other side.  The Old Fortress was built by the Venetians on the site of a Byzantine castle in the 16th century.

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Getting Around Corfu

Traveling around Corfu, there are many charming old villages with narrow paths and cobbled walkways, old churches, cafes and tavernas from which you can relax and experience the corfiot way of life.  Head to the western side of the island to explore some of the islands beautiful sandy beaches or the eastern side where the waters are a bit calmer.  There are many coves to swim in and wonderful areas for snorkeling in its crystal-clear waters.

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Exploring The Island

If you have been to Corfu before on a cruise it might be time to explore the countryside or beautiful beaches.  There are exursions to the gorgeous Glyfada beach and other locations from the city that you can consider. Another excursion option is to get on a caique and sail to Vidos island that can be seen from Corfu and explore this little island.

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You can also explore some of Corfu and the culture from your home before you go. The Durrells in Corfu TV mini-series is a light-hearted drama set in the late 1930s about an English family that moves to the sunny Corfu and well worth watching for a fictional tale about life on this beautiful Greek island.

Corfu is an islands perfect for walking, whether its around its Old Town, its quaint villages, the mountains or along the coast.  It is renowned for having some of the best paths and hiking trails in all of Europe.  This gorgeous Greek island has so much to offer that even you make dream of moving there someday like The Durrells.

Learn more about the real Corfu here.  If you are lucky you might catch a beautiful sunset when leaving port.

corfu greece cruise sunset

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Corfu Island Video

Now if you haven't played the corfu travel video at the top of the article, take a 5-minute break and soak up the beauty of Corfu in this video.  If not know during a coffee break at work.  It is so easy to escape the office and explore the world on SomedayTrips.com.

Video locations from the film makers trip to Corfu

00:09 Vlacherna Monastery in Kerkyra
00:32 Old Venetian Fortress
00:43 Saint George Church
00:53 Corfu old town
01:07 Museum of Asian Art
01:10 Byzantine Museum of Antivouniotissa
01:27 Old Perithia
01:48 Channel Of Love - Canal D'Amour in Sidari
01:56 Άγιοι Θεόδωροι Thinali
02:00 logas beach cliff
02:09 angelokastro castle
02:22 paleokastritsa
02:27 The Monastery of Virgin Mary of Paleokastritsa
03:14 Mount Pantokrator
03:28 Almiros Beach
03:35 Logas the sunset beach
03:51 Halikounas Beach and Lake Korission
04:03 Arillas Beach
04:06 Makrades
04:11 Agios Stefanos
04:34 Kaiser's Throne in Pelekas

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