Visit Greenland - Sailing Around The Beauty of Greenland in 4K Video

Written by  Dennis Schmelz

Today Greenland is a spotlight travel destination for those that love outdoor adventure, fishing, cruising and incredible photography opportunities. See it from from a small sailing boat experience discovering the icefjiords and so much more in 4K video.

Sailing Around Greenland

Our featured video begins to immersively pull you into the chill that awaits an icy experience in Greenland.  The breath and splash from a whale awakes you before a tapestry of ice sculptures captured from the deck of a sailboat and a Mavic Pro Drone hovering from above. In the distance nature awakes you once more as an ice calving drops new ice flows into frigid water before your eyes with sounds of power and fury.  The drone captures the amazing contrast of the red sails against the chilling deep blue seas and towering icebergs that could shift at anytime.  Turquoise blues break up the dark blues near the icebergs as light interacts with the compressed ice crystal that once again shows us that mother nature is the most amazing painter.  

greenland 2

Feet dry as our producer explores the shores of Greenland where colorful structures protect humans from the chilling environment. Greenland is an island dominated by a tapestry of precambrian shield rocks where the ice and seasonal snow have retreated, beautifully captured in this video.  An experience in Greenland would not be real without an interaction with their dogs.  The young pup featured in the film will tug at your heart but his future will probably be anything but a lap dog for a family.  Capturing the culture, people and environment from land and sea, the experience documented in this film is a travel adventurer's dream.  As we say at SomedayTrips we are here for the dreamers and those looking to plan experiences around the world.  This is worth more than one look and perfect for taking a 3-minute break in your daily life to a far away land that, while chilly, will warm your heart with the beauty of our planet.

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Tips and Links for Travel To Greenland

 Are you ready to plan a trip to Greenland? You are on an island so sailing the deep blue waters on long summer days seem like a good idea as seen in the video.  Boat tours are an excellent way to experience part of island.  Here are some options to consider:

Arctic Exposure provides tours designed for photographers on schooners.  Excursions are 10 days/ 9 nights. You can learn more here.

Greenland Tours provides packages to experience Eastern Greenland by land and seas. The package tours are 5 days with your initial destination the beautiful Tasiilaq.  Explore the gallery of images you can see on the tour.

Disko Line provide boat tours for those that prefer to plan their own itineraries.  See calving glaciers, whales, the icecap form Ilulissat, Glacier lodge eqi, Qasigiannguit, Qeqertarsuaq, Aasiaat and Ilmanaq.  Explore all the options on their website

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Princess Cruises is offering something new in 2019 with a Canada and Greenland cruise in August that if successful will probably be repeated.  Those who like the convenience of cruise life for destination travel may wish to consider this option.  Ports of call in Greenland include Nuuk, Quqortoq and Nanotalik with all requiring a tender to put you on the island.  Our travel consultant and certified Princess Cruise specialist Elaine can share more about this cruise and pricing.  Contact us here

Explore more options at the official Greenland Tourism website

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Video Producer Comments 

Sailing through midnight sun in Greenland, a dream becomes a reality. In July I visited Greenland for the first time. With our small sailing boat we discovered the icefjords around Ilulissat and captured amazing photos and videos every night. Grab some warm clothes and enjoy my latest work "The Beauty of Greenland". Thanks to Daniel Kordan and Iurie Belegurschi for that great experience while our midsummer photo tour through Western Greenland (


Sailing through the midnight sun in Greenland, a dream becomes reality. In July I visited Greenland for the first time. With our small sailing boat we discovered the icefjords around Ilulissat

Check also my blog post for some behind the scene informations:

Camera, Edit and Grading: Dennis Schmelz
2nd Camera: Daniel Kordan
Sound Design: Bony Stoev
Music: Hope Awaits by Thom Franck and Jamie Elder

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