Dublin in Words

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Take a look at Dublin from a different perspective, through the moving words of the poem 'Dublin' by Louis MacNeice.  This fascinating, gritty and creative look at Dublin takes you on an edgy tour of the city, featuring its culture, history, architecture, and people in quick takes from one scene to the next in pace with the words of the poem.  You may find yourself watching this video again and again just to process the words, soak them in and ponder the thought of a Dublin trip someday.

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Learn more about Irish poet Louis MacNeice.

Comments from VisitDublin:  Over the years, Dublin has been the muse of many a talented wordsmith. But one poem in particular perfectly evokes the city’s unique atmosphere, rich history and “seedy elegance”. In this beautiful video, Dublin slam poet Stephen James Smith recites, Louis MacNeice's poem, ‘Dublin’ the poem over a series of stunning, thought-provoking images of the city. These highlight the many different elements that make each visitor’s trip to Dublin truly unique. https://www.visitdublin.com

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