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Thursday June 16

Discover the Islands of Vanuatu

Dreaming of totally disconnecting and getting away from it all?  Then take a few minutes…

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Saturday April 26

Fiji - Paradise in the South Pacific

This video is a visual treat as you travel along palm-lined beaches and over tropical…

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Saturday July 14

Mediterranean Cruise: Destination Cagliari Sardinia

The beautiful island of Sardinia has picture perfect beaches surrounded by beautiful topography and foilage. …

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Saturday January 16

Escape to the Maldives

The Angsana Velavaru resort in the Maldives will surely be on your someday list upon…

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Tuesday May 10

Journey Through New Zealand In 3 Minutes

Why travelers are flocking to New Zealand is not just for the hobbit village. Travel…

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Friday January 15

Beautiful Ireland

This dramatic video highlights the rough and wild beauty of Ireland. Comments from the StoryTravelers: …

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