Italy in the Movies

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Have you ever dreamed of being in the perfect place that will lift your emotions to new highs? This video will take you on a delightful tour of Italy through the eyes of famous movie directors.

The concept of this Italian tourism video is in one word, brilliant. In a short 4 minutes you will travel through Italy via scenes of movies that many will remember and some you may have never heard of.  What an enriching way to share the culture, romance and beauty of a country and fill your day and night dreams with visions of traveling there someday. It was made for you to dream everyday. 

Speaking of movies and dreams, there is one movie that is not shown here but brought a lot of travelers to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  If you guessed Under the Tuscan Sun, then you are correct.  Diane Lane did what so many would love to do, travel to Italy and then stay because the experience fulfilled her life in a way it had never been before.  That is one of the many reasons we travel; to find new and enriching experiences that make life complete.

Thinking of taking a trip to Tuscany? Take a cooking class with chef Sandra Lotti and see if it will move your appreciation of food to gastronomical experiences.

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Below are the movies listed in this video, just in case you missed them and wanted to watch them again. Experience some of Italy with some Limoncello while you watch the movies.

The Tourist


The Bourne Ultimatum



The Portrait of a Lady

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Life is Beautiful

Swept Away

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