Les Chefs in Toscana Italy

Written by  Merry-Go-Round

Set to a cheery and familiar Italian tune, we're off to cooking school in Tuscany, Italy.  Just as you might imagine, everyone's having fun while making pasta, preparing fresh bread, baking delicious deserts, and drinking champagne. Your mouth will water at the sight of beautifully plated food, chocolates, cheeses, wine, and more wine.  And the views of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside are the topping on the cake, so to speak.  This video comes with a warning, though, you will be hungry after watching this.

Short film about Belonika & Les Chefs Ecole de Cuisine / belonika.ru /
One week in Toscana, Italy.
Cooking classes, star chefs, sun, wine and tons of diamonds.

Music: Tarantella / traditional southern Italian music /
Camera & Film editing: Bloodymerry Production

      Location Info:  Tuscany Italy Europe
      GPS: 43.290051   11.187931
      Accuracy: approximate
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