The City of Rome

Written by  Oliver Astrologo

Rome, a must-see city of incredible history.  This film will inspire you to add this to your someday trip dream list.

Oliver Astrologo comments on his film:

In my life I have been fortunate to have explored fascinating places around the world. There is one particular city though, that keeps giving me new emotions every day. It is Roma (or Rome). Its variety of architectures that stands clearly apart from other "megacities", Its unparalleled history legacy and Its intimate and quieter sides make Rome a city that does get into your bloodstream.

Rome has been documented in different ways and for different purposes but few videos make you appreciate this city through local's eyes.

I have dedicated months filming everyday's moment to describe a day in Rome through a roman's eyes. This short film is the result. Let me indulge you for a few minutes.

      Location Info:  Rome Italy Europe
      GPS: 41.902986   12.497102
      Accuracy: near
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