Mediterranean Cruise: Destination Cagliari Sardinia

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The beautiful island of Sardinia has picture perfect beaches surrounded by beautiful topography and foilage.  The island does not receive the attention that many of the Greek islands in the Mediterranean do but that is not a problem for many of the Italians that visit.  They would rather keep it a secret and have vacation memories that are belissima ones.  

Sardinia Beaches

Hot summer breezes whip through coarse textures of foliage on the hillsides that overlook some of the best beaches in Europe.  You can easily reach a couple of outstanding beaches while in the port at Cagliari.  During our visit we had the opportunity to see Spiaggia S'Acqua Durci, Chai Beach and Tuerredda Beach with our guide.  These all feature natural habitats with water lapping on sandy beaches with blue waters that transition from turquoise to cobalt blues.  The waters are also reasonably warm during most of the summer season compared to many beaches in the Mediterranean.  

Exploring Southern Sardinia

In our featured Sardinia in 4K video by they have captured the natural beauty of southern Sardinia around the capital city of Cagliari.  We loved the classic intro with a cat that is just so typical of a Mediterranean island.  The videographer does an excellent job of keeping the viewer interested with interesting points of view and camera techniques.  This travel film gives you a superb three minute preview of what a visit to Cagliari and the surrounding area offers to a one-day cruise excursion traveler or a longer visit.  If you have been thinking about planning a trip to Sardinia then relax at work or home and take an immersive experience of the southern island by watching the video.

Travel Photos Cagliari Sardinia Italy

During our one day in port in Sardinia we captured some of the natural beauty of the coastal areas to the west of Cagliari.  Explore the gallery and find 15 reasons why you might want to find a cruise with Cagliari as a port of call or just visit the island in general.


Some Trip Facts for Sardinia

Many would say that you haven't really seen the island if you have not seen a herd of goats or sheep.  The island has a history of many of the locals having the occupation of shepherds.  The island has over 4 million sheep.

The best times to visit Sardinia for the beaches is May to October as Sardinians love to boast that they have some of the longest summers in Europe.  Summer weather can be hot but winds provide some relief on the beaches.

Wine tours with samplings of local cheese are a popular excursion on the island for those that are not looking for a beach venue.

For those that like to do more than grab a fork and put a sample of local cuisine in their mouths, cooking classes are an option.  This is after all an Italian island so why not learn to make some pasta with some delicious local cheeses.



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