Mediterranean Cruise: Destination Malta

Malta is one of those travel destinations that, for many that don't have access from Europe, registers at the top of the list for places to visit.  Cruises, many UNESCO World Hertiage sites and investments in tourism have made it a popular destination with thousands unloading from ships daily in the port of Valletta.  Our image gallery below from a visit to the island in 2018 provides over 30 amazing reasons why it should be included on your list.

Best of Valletta Malta 

Valetta offers a traveler rich experiences in culture, religion, environment and history.  Valletta is named after its founder, the Grand Master of the Order of St. John, Jean Parisot de la Valette. The island of Malta has over 7000 years of history with unique architectural collections and many areas continuously being restored especially in Valletta. The Museum of Archaeology in Valletta houses a collection of prehistoric artifacts. The War Museum at Fort St. Elmo may surprise you with the gun batteries on the port fortress walls firing daily. Escape the main tourist area and explore the narrow side streets which are full of tiny shops and cafés. 

The garden areas in Valletta are not to be missed. The Upper Barrakka Gardens, Hastings Gardens & the Lower Barrakka Gardens are popular garden areas to visit. They can get crowded and the popularity of Game of Thrones where scenes were shot have drawn even more visitors to these locations. St John's co-Cathedral & museum are draws for many travelers. The beautifully adorned church includes the world famous artistic masterpieces by Caravaggio and Mattia Preti.

Mediterranean Cruise Itineries

Traveling across the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise is one of the best ways to see islands and coastal areas of southern Europe.  Think of a cruise as a reconnaissance expedition where you are visiting many destinations, albeit on a limited time in port, to get feet on the ground and experience the location.  After a cruise you can make a decision to return to those locations that you feel deserve a deeper immersion in the culture and surrounding areas with a land-based trip.  We recommend that when you consider a Mediterranean cruise that you select one that is 10 or more days.  This provides you the best value with better port destination options.  Our recent Mediterranean cruise included the ports of Barcelona Spain, Livorno(Florence) Italy, Rome Italy, Naples Italy, Dubrovnik Croatia, Corfu Greece, Sicily Italy, Valletta Malta, and Cagliari Sardinia, Italy.

 MSC Meraviglia Ship Malta

30 Amazing Reasons To Visit Malta

Planning to visit Valletta Malta while on a cruise?  Our collection of photos below visually explores our travels during a 1-day visit to Malta.  Our visit started with a trip to Mdina by bus and then wandering the beautiful fortress port of Valletta.  Take a look at what we found.  If you would like a free postcard of one of the images below, just fill out our request form and mention the photo by title.


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