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Are you dreaming of an escape to an exotic locale, someplace truly unique? Then consider exploring the extraordinary country of Morocco in North Africa to satisfy your wanderlust.  Morocco is the top travel destination in Africa, so escape for a few minutes to this beautiful land in this exceptional video that takes you on a road trip journey through the country.  The videographer has done an amazing job of capturing what the experience is like, the emotions, the moments of assimilating the unique environment, and the sometimes comical situations that one experiences on such a trip.  We felt like we were riding right along with them. 

I could completely relate to their feelings and experiences having traveled through Morocco many years ago on a road trip with family.  We traveled by car through Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier, a perfect route that covered a lot of the country.  What an experience for a teenager!  When I found this video, I could not resist showcasing it.  It brought back so many wonderful memories of traveling around Morocco.  The way the videographer has captured expressions reminded me of the emotions and thoughts we had while on our adventure exploring this land so unfamiliar to us. 

Here it is decades later and so much of the daily life in the cities and countryside depicted in this video still seem much the same as back then, which was very heartening to see.  I remember the people being very nice and friendly, welcoming to tourists.  I recall the smells, scents and colors of the souks (open-air markets), with their brightly colored mounds of spices, heaps of colorful fabrics, rugs and clothing, the many types of foods displayed, even snake charmers, so many things that dazzled the eye.  I remember the muezzins frequent song-like call to prayer from loudspeakers at the top of minarets - the tower adjacent to mosques.  It's a completely fascinating experience.  The travel through the beautiful open countryside of rugged mountains and desert landscapes was breathtaking.

There are so many moments in this video that perfectly illustrate the experience of traveling through this wonderful land.  The images of the people, the architecture, the scenery, the animals, all reflected so beautifully in this video.  You'll find yourself laughing at a particular camel scene - priceless!  The light musical score perfectly fits the mood.  We especially liked the sequence where they mention listening to the car radio.  Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees was playing.  Maybe it was an oldies station or the Bee Gees are still popular there, who knows, but I'm pretty sure they were playing on the radio back when I was there several decades ago.  Capturing the music and playing it when you return home from your trip can be one of your best souvenirs.  We wrote an article about how music makes the travel memories that will give you some ideas of how to save those memories.  

So take a few moments and enjoy this video and seriously consider putting Morocco on your someday trip list.  It may be your someday trip of a lifetime, especially if you're adventurous enough to travel around the country by car where you'll get to see the real Morocco.

For a full and detailed list with plenty of helpful tips on what to see and do in Morocco, take a look at this list of 100 Best Things To Do In Morocco.  It's an excellent resource for things to do in Morocco, maybe more things than you ever imagined.

The Morocco Tourism site also provides lots of useful information about the places mentioned in this article as well as many ideas and suggestions on where to go and what to see in Morocco.

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Below are the places Dustin Lee stayed in Morocco:

Marrakech - Riad Catalina ("very nice")

Ouarzazate - Dar Rita ("excellent service")

Merzouga - Desert camping ("rough but a cool experience")

Fez - Riad Louna ("a little old but still nice")

Chefchouen - Dar Zambra ("incredible views of the city")

Tangier - Hotel Continental ("old but right on the water")

Comments from Dustin Lee on his video:  Morocco is a cool country. Kind of crazy, kind of stressful, but always fascinating and beautiful. The people are very friendly too! We spent two weeks there and visited the following places- Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Merzouga, Fes, Chefchaouen, and Tangier. This video was shot on a Panasonic GH4 with a kit lens because I'm too lazy to bring more than one lens when I travel. Sue me.

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