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This spectacular video, visually stunning in every way, makes you feel like you're on a magic carpet ride around the world, flying over some of the most beautiful places on the planet.  It will surely spark your wanderlust and have you dreaming of traveling to the amazing places featured in this beautiful travel video.  This is simply three minutes of wonderful that will leave you in a state of awe at what an amazing planet we live on.  It's simply dazzling, a feast for the eyes, with a tender music selection that may touch your emotions. 

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Beautiful music sets the tone in this stunning travel video of the spectacular Maldives, a gorgeous luxury island destination for honeymooners and couples who want to get away from it all.  This video will have you dreaming of dipping into its clear turquoise waters, strolling on powder soft sandy beaches, and enjoying endless days of sunshine. 

The Maldives, a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean, is composed of 26 coral atolls, which are made up of hundreds of islands.  The remote Maldives is the place to go to escape from it all, and relax, swim, snorkel and dive in unbelievably clear water. 

Every resort in the Maldives, of which there are over 100, is on its own island, from the ultimate luxury resorts to family-friendly and budget resorts.  You can find a resort to suit your interests and budget in the Maldives.  

Comments from Patrice Gaucher:  Spectacular 4K video of the Maldives, totally shot with the DJI Inspire 1 aerial platform. This is my inaugural video with the Inspire 1 and have found it to be extremely stable, reliable and an overall impressive tool.


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