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South America delivers amazing adventures for the traveler and photographer to capture memories making it a must see continent for the explorer in you.  This beautifully created timelapse video shares momemts of the incredible diversity the continent shares with us on this earth. If you are considering taking a trip to one or more of the countries in South America, take a moment and breathe in the environment that is visually presented so beautifully by this videographer.

If you are considering travel to Argentina, Justin Majeczky will take you on a sneak peak of part of the country in less than 3 minutes.  Beautiful scenes of nature, including perfectly exposed starry skies, capture the essence of what a trip to Argentina can mean to you.  We enjoyed how the videographer started with the airport scene and moved to the countryside, providing various scenes of mountains in Argentina that are the second largest in the world, only smaller than the Himalayans.  We especially appreciated the use of advanced timelapse gear to capture many of the scenes.

Stunning video that takes you on a journey through the diverse and otherworldly landscapes of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.  From the mountain ranges to the deserts, Tom Pinsard takes you on a beautiful journey through this South American region and its magnificent geological terrain.  You have to see this video to believe it.