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As the BridgeClimb team says: Get a taste of the world famous BridgeClimb! In just 1.5 hours, ascend the inner arch of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to a spectacular vantage point halfway to the top.  This looks like an experience everyone should put on their someday trip list when visiting beautiful Sydney, Australia.

This is the most popular of the BridgeClimb team's videos, and you'll see why.

BridgeClimb teams says: Take the climb of your life to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with BridgeClimb Sydney. It's unforgettable. Find out more:

Here's a quick close up look from the air of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  What an extraordinary experience this would and an amazing vantage point for viewing Sydney, Australia.

You haven't seen Sydney until you've seen it from the Bridge. Find out more about BridgeClimb:

As they say, take the climb of your life on this hike to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  Feel the rush and enjoy the view as you climb this huge structure.

The BridgeClimb team's comment: Absorb a 360 degree panorama of Sydney as you journey to the summit on our original climb experience. Like an exposed spine, the outer rim delivers you to the peak, as the sky remains just beyond your outstretched fingertips. BridgeClimb is available at dawn (limited departures), day, twilight or night. Find out more: