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What is in your photography camera bag this time is a question I get from my travel companion every trip. Our next trip is on the Carnival Horizon inaugural cruise through the Mediterranean with 13 days at sea including 9 ports of call.  So what gear should we put in our bag for the trip?  My companion(spouse) is already packed with her Iphone 7plus but she expects me to bring back lots of great shots and video for the SomedayTrips website.

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Travel to Malta for a destination that will satisfy your wanderlust for ancient civilizations, intricate architecture and a culture rich with history.  Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily and north of Africa, is actually an archipelago of three islands.  Besides Malta, there is Gozo and Comino, both smaller than the main island but with their own rich and ancient history and epic scenery. It has a long history spanning centuries of colonial occupation, from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and France to Britain in more recent times.

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Travel in 2018 will greet cruise lovers with a new ship appearing on the horizon.  Carnival Cruise Line's newest ship, Carnival Horizon, will launch with a sailing in the Mediterranean in April 2018.  Traveling from its port of construction in Italy to Barcelona, Spain, it start its maiden 13-day Europe sail visiting popular cruise stops in the Mediterranean, including Florence and Pisa, Rome, Naples (Capri), Dubrovnik, Corfu, Sicily, Malta and Sardinia.  A few other shorter Mediterranean cruises follow before making a transatlantic trip to its home port in Miami.  So what is new on this cruise ship from the cruise line that makes fun their slogan for cruise travelers?  Let's explore some of the new features and take a few minutes to watch the preview video.

horizon carnival top deck sm 600


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The best Grand Cayman excursion for cruise or land travelers is Stingray City captured in 4K video. Diving of course is world famous in the Caymans but for most a simple snorkel or water adventure will do. Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean are just a few of the cruise lines that visit Grand Cayman and offer excursions to this popular attraction and this video proves why it tops the lists for a must-see.

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Chances are you have reached this page because you received a business card from Stuart Claggett, Creative Director for SomedayTrips.  Did we meet while we were traveling?  If we did it was a pleasure to meet you and perhaps I captured a photo of you. If I did just send me an email to the address on the card with the photo number on the card I provided you and I will send it to you.  If I never gave you a photo number, just tell me where and when we met and I will send you a virtual postcard for your trip.

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Carnival Horizon Inagural Cruise

We are getting ready to set sail on this 13 Mediterranean cruise for its maiden voyage.  We will be taking a lot of photos and videos so if you got one of my cards reach out or come back here for some links to our photos.  Here is our pre-cruise article on the ship itself.  


Windstar Tahiti Cruise

If you joined us on our recent 11-day tour with Windstar through the French Polynesian islands stay tuned for our photos, videos and articles on the tour.  We took a lot imagery including drone footage.  It will take some time to get processed and posted and the easiest way to keep advised is to sign up for our newsletter. If you you are looking for something specifically, please feel free to reach out and contact us.

Take advantage of our free photo tune-up.  We will review your photo and put our years of post processing experience to work and help you get the most of your photo capture and it is free.  You can learn more here.

World War 1 Documentry Tour

Photo Album from the GGHG tour has changed :

Currently updated through travel to Paris.  Those on the tour wishing specific higher resolution images please contact the Regiment or us directly and will we get them to you.

Some of Our Pictures of National Parks 

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