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Stunning images in timelapse of the majestic snowcapped peak of the Matterhorn from the town of Zermatt, Switzerland.  Having just been there in June 2016 on a perfect day like in this video, we can attest to the extraordinary and breathtaking beauty of this unique mountain peak. 

From videographer David Kosmos Smith:  A quick sequence of time-lapse clips from our trip to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Much time and hard work went into the creation of this remarkable short video that spans several countries in Europe.  This is an incredibly beautiful film, extremely well done with a very pleasing musical score.  Many recognizable landmarks throughout Europe are featured in this video, popular destinations on many traveler's bucket lists. The timelapse works well here as it condenses activities over a period of time in each location so you can imagine yourself there.  Mr. Smith lists the locations shown in this video.  So let him take you on his journey with his story below.

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