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Where to go in 2017 is a question that many travelers may be asking themselves on January 1, 2017 as they reflect on their New Year's resolutions. Perhaps one of the resolutions was to do more travel or check off the big one on their bucket list.  The beginning of the year is a good time to plan most summer trips and beyond that.  So where to go?  Here are some of our thoughts on where you might want to consider traveling in 2017, which include some travel destinations by our team.

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Take a few moments to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, Italy.  Expedia takes you on an amazing and picturesque tour of the beautiful places one can see along the coast.  We were lucky enough to take the journey by car along the windy roads not too long ago.  Around every bend, there were breathtaking views, quaint little towns, and lovely beaches.  We stayed a few nights in the town of Amalfi in the Hotel Marina Riviera, perfectly situated overlooking the town and the beach. We stayed in their incredibly luxe and spacious Amalfitana Suite that has a large deck/balcony and exquisite interior decor.  Check out our video of our visit to Amalfi and the Marina Riviera Hotel here

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There is much to see along the Amalfi Coast, including the famous cliff-side village of Positano, featured in many films, also the town of Ravello, which is perched high up on the hills affording amazing views of the coast.  One can also take a boat cruise to the well-known island of Capri and stroll around the cliffs there on foot paths, or take a small boat ride into the famous Blue Grotto cavern.  Take a look at our short video of our experience here.  You'll see water that is bluer than anything you've ever seen before.  Read on for more details about the Amalfi Coast from Expedia and enjoy their video.

Fodor's travel offers some tips on where to go to escape the crowds if you are visiting the Amalfi Coast in the summer.


The Amalfi Coast stretches for 30 miles along the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in Southern Italy.

There are some places that are so famous and so legendary that even before you set foot there, it feels familiar. The Amalfi Coast or “road of a thousand bends” is one such place. This route has attracted society’s rich and beautiful for thousands of years and inspired some of the world’s greatest artists and writers.

The area’s largest city, Amalfi is a great place to begin this legendary journey. A wealthy and powerful town during medieval times, merchants here were amongst the few who had gold coins to spend instead of the barter system used throughout the rest of Italy. Visit the magnificent buildings that reflect that early wealth.

Positano is perhaps the best known destination on the coast. A favourite of celebrities since the 1950’s this town glitters with old-world glamour. From Marina Grande Beach, most of the paths lead right to the town centre and the Byzantine Santa Maria Assunta.

Visit the Terraces of Infinity, at Villa Combine, a view so stunning that the famous american writer, Gore Vidal called it “the most beautiful view in the world.”

Before it’s medieval glory days, the Amalfi Coast’s charms drew the Roman aristocracy.

With its endless sunshine, mediterranean colours and a landscape of gripping drama and breathtaking beauty, the Amalfi Coast truly is a legendary destination.

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If you visit the island of Santorini, Greece, then Oia is the small picturesque town you must see on the steep slopes of the Caldera side.  It's almost fairytale like in its unbelievable beauty with its bright blue doors, shutters and domes against the white painted buildings. The sun magnifies the brilliant colors against the white backdrops.  Find your seat in a cafe or along the cliff trails to catch the extraordinary sunsets. 

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We loved this video of Venice for its extraodinary captures of this unique city on the water.  Though the video is longer than most that we choose for our site, it is very thorough, informative and nicely narrated.  It is well worth viewing if you're planning a trip to Venice someday.

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