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Niagara Falls is a great travel destination for one day and one night or a long weekend getaway.  Our travel slideshow of 20 top reasons to visit Niagara Falls will entice you to make this Wonder of the World a bucket list trip for you in the near future.  We have curated twenty beautiful photos of activities that you can experience while visiting the Canadian side of the falls.  

Situated at the border of Canada and the United States it is a short distance from Toronto that makes it a great one day escape from the City to experience some of the beauty of nature.  However, we recommend you stay a night and enjoy a sunrise and evening walk to a rainbow of colors that light up the falls at night.


Niagara Falls Slideshow

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The fury of Niagara Falls amazes tourists worldwide. In this video we take you on tour of one day and one night of travel in the city of Niagara Falls, Canada that features the Niagara Adventure Pass package.

Visiting Niagara Falls is an experience of a lifetime and should be on everyone’s someday trip list. This was a first time for us and photos we had seen hardly did it justice. There is nothing like seeing these falls for the first time in person. The Canada location provides excellent viewing spots that get you so close to the action. These are some of the most spectacular and powerful falls in the world. The mighty force of the falls is absolutely astounding with over 20% of the fresh water in the world pouring over it.

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This video takes you on an amazing aerial tour of Niagara Falls, the nearby town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and the beautiful surrounding countryside in the fall.  We were extremely impressed with their drone capture of the falls, literally flying right up to and over the falls for a jaw-dropping visual experience of the magnitude and power of the falls.  These expert drone pilots also fly inside a winery and through passageways in the Niagara area.  You get to see unique views of the city of Niagara Falls during the day and at night when the town is lit up like Las Vegas with colorful lights.  They also fly you through the nearby quaint little gem of a town Niagara-on-the-Lake, a highly recommended place to visit for its unique shops, great restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts and many nearby wineries.  Take a couple minutes and enjoy this remarkable travel video.

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Find out why the St. Lawerence 1000 Islands area is where summer magic happens for so many visitors each year.  It is the Disney World of cottage country in Ontario, Canada, that is a perfect vacation destination for so many families.

This video with its aerial perspectives captures all of the fun and excitement of the unique environment created by glaciers millions of years ago.  Beautiful clear water provides a paradise for swimmers, water sports, boating and fishing.  Take a ride on one of the many classic wood boats that sparkle with deep amber colors and a varnish shine.  We have all seen them in a James Bond movie set on a European lake but have you seen them traveling beside a Great Lakes freighter? One of the many experiences that can be captured during a vacation to the Thousand Islands region.

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A quick 15-second look at the many different things you can see and experience in Ontario, Canada.  Looks like fun!

From Travel Ontario Canada:  Incredible natural beauty and outdoor adventures will excite your imagination and keep your adrenaline pumping.

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Fond memories for us as we remember the many family visits to the Thousand Islands, which are located in the St. Lawrence River, bordering the U.S. and Canada.  Castles, mansions, lighthouses and wind farms are common sights among these islands.  The most famous landmark is Boldt Castle located on Heart Island and built between 1900 and 1904.  Did thousand island dressing come from these islands?  That still remains a question.

Learn more about what to see and do on the Thousand Islands here:

The 1000 Islands - where Ontario and the United States meet... their cultures blending in the waters of the mighty St. Lawrence and Great Lake Ontario. Today, many people remark that this gorgeous garden of woods and waters is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Others will tell you its friendly atmosphere, fresh outdoors and laid-back pace makes the 1000 Islands a place that inspires the spirit and renews the soul.

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This video takes you on a tour of beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, a province located just off the east coast of Canada, near New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  It is also known as PEI or "The Island".  Long stretches of red-sand beaches, red and white lighthouses, quaint towns and lots of potato farms comprise PEI. Learn more about where to stay and what to do on Prince Edward Island at

A note from the video creator, govpeca: This is a video prepared showcasing the unique sights and scenery that makes Prince Edward Island such an attractive destination for visitors, students and investors from around the world.

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This fun little video is a must-see.  The way Joerg Daiber filmed it through what is called a timelapse/tilt shift method made Toronto look miniature, like a toy city.  It's both funny and incredibly creative and overall very entertaining to watch.  Take a look, you'll find yourself thoroughly amused and laughing out loud.

Music: Piano Concerto No. 5 - 1st movement by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Take the CityPass Tour and Make the Most of Your Toronto Visit

Toronto CityPASS
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