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Very creative approach to traveling through the countries of Peru and Bolivia, but make sure you take your eyes off the person in the video and look at the amazing background scenery.  If you're planning to travel to these countries, you can get some ideas of what you'll need to wear by watching the person.  She appears to be wearing the needed clothing for the locations and different climates.  This is a fun video to watch and the music is a perfect accompaniment. If you want to teleport yourself to South America right away, just press PLAY.

This is a fascinating and clever timelapse video taking you on a tour of Europe.  Try not to focus only on the girl in the video but look at the sites around her.  This is truly an amazing video!

Topdeck Travel's description of their video and the places visited:  Take a hyperlapse journey through Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona and the Swiss Alps on the trip of a lifetime. Live large, dream bigger and squeeze life for all it's worth. The rest can wait.

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