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In our series of five best beaches on St. Maarten, Maho Beach stands out from the rest for being the most outrageous beach setting on the island.  Why?  Because jumbo jets almost land on your head while you're on this beach.  Planes fly extremely low, within a few feet/meters over your head, on final - and I mean final with landing gear down - approach to Princess Juliana Airport.  This is a beach experience unlike anything else.  We recently learned that KLM's Boeing 747s will no longer be landing there but this video will let you see what it looked like for viewers when they did land there.  But no matter.  Smaller jet planes will continue to land there and blow you away on the beach, and we mean almost literally blow you away.  You will actually feel the jet blast and the stinging blowing sand as they fly over you. 

St. Martin/St. Maarten is an island surrounded by pristine beaches.  This island in the Caribbean is really two countries, with French Saint Martin on the northern side and Dutch Sint Maarten on the southern side.  Combined the island has some 37 wonderful beaches.  Our focus, as connoisseurs of gorgeous island beaches, is finding that perfect combination of warm clear water, gentle surf, beautiful natural landscape, minimal crowds, and whatever other qualities that make a beach special for us.  Maybe it's that certain je ne sais quoi feeling that you get when you find that perfect beach.  With so many beaches to choose from and only six days to enjoy them, we focused on the most popular beaches on the island, and we were very happy with the ones we selected.  We found these 5 beaches to be the best based on our beach criteria - Happy Bay, Friar's Bay, Pinel Island, Dawn Beach and Maho Bay.

On our list of best St. Martin beaches is Friar's Bay.  This quiet white sand beach with calm turquoise water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  It has two restaurants, Kali's Beach Bar and Friar's Bay Beach Cafe, where you can also rent chairs and umbrellas.