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A world cruise can be a dream of a lifetime and amazing way to see the world by sea.  The Regent Seven Seas world cruise for 2021 is an incredible 117 night journey from Miami to Barcelona. You will visit over 30 countries while enjoying amazing luxury cruise travel on the Seven Seas Mariner.

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Malta is one of those travel destinations that, for many that don't have access from Europe, registers at the top of the list for places to visit.  Cruises, many UNESCO World Hertiage sites and investments in tourism have made it a popular destination with thousands unloading from ships daily in the port of Valletta.  Our image gallery below from a visit to the island in 2018 provides over 30 amazing reasons why it should be included on your list.

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Travel in 2018 will greet cruise lovers with a new ship appearing on the horizon.  Carnival Cruise Line's newest ship, Carnival Horizon, will launch with a sailing in the Mediterranean in April 2018.  Traveling from its port of construction in Italy to Barcelona, Spain, it start its maiden 13-day Europe sail visiting popular cruise stops in the Mediterranean, including Florence and Pisa, Rome, Naples (Capri), Dubrovnik, Corfu, Sicily, Malta and Sardinia.  A few other shorter Mediterranean cruises follow before making a transatlantic trip to its home port in Miami.  So what is new on this cruise ship from the cruise line that makes fun their slogan for cruise travelers?  Let's explore some of the new features and take a few minutes to watch the preview video.

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If your Mediterranean cruise departs from Barcelona or has it as a cruise port destination, here are some ideas for what to see on your stopover in this enchanting city.  Recently Barcelona, Spain has become a top tourist destination, and cruise lines are a big contributor, delivering thousands of travelers to this city every week. Overlooking the deep blue color of the sea this city bustles with life, food, culture and religion, ensuring that most anyone will find a top attraction for their layover or visit to the city.

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Ibiza, an island off the coast of Spain, has it all and this short video takes you on a one-day tour of the delights of this party island with gorgeous beaches. 

Best Beaches in Ibiza from Travel and Leisure Magazine

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This is a stunning and incredible timelapse video compilation of a family's travel through 30 countries in Europe.  It'll motivate you to see those European countries you've had on your someday trips list.  This is truly an amazing and magical video!  Read on for Stan Chang's comments on how he made this spectacular video.

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