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Niagara Falls is a great travel destination for one day and one night or a long weekend getaway.  Our travel slideshow of 20 top reasons to visit Niagara Falls will entice you to make this Wonder of the World a bucket list trip for you in the near future.  We have curated twenty beautiful photos of activities that you can experience while visiting the Canadian side of the falls.  

Situated at the border of Canada and the United States it is a short distance from Toronto that makes it a great one day escape from the City to experience some of the beauty of nature.  However, we recommend you stay a night and enjoy a sunrise and evening walk to a rainbow of colors that light up the falls at night.


Niagara Falls Slideshow


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Summer is over and thankfully nature provides us a fireworks of fall color that with cooler temperatures draws us out to hike and explore parks and cities.  Day trips rank number one for travelers to find the color hues of autumn followed by weekend getaways in a cabin or bed and breakfast near the woods. Our dreams of hiking to the rustle of leaves under our feet and babbling brooks carrying a single red maple leaf cascading over rocks and getting caught by a branch gets us planning a road trip somewhere in the fall.  But where should we plan a trip? 

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Have you seen those images in Instagram, 500px, Facebook and Flickr where a black and white photo has a spot of color in it?  It is a technique that when used well can create a special travel memory as a unique piece of wall art.  We had some people in our SomedayTrips community inquire about how we created this photography effect for the travel photo we posted of an English phone booth on a beach in France. We will share how we create those images using some of our favorite tools. Our tutorial for spot color in black and white travel photos will begin with image selection.

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On our recent road trip from Paris to Switzerland, we stayed a night at the quaint and charming Hotel Moulin des Ruats located in the heart of nature in the Burgundy region of France. As we passed through the town of Avallon on our way to the hotel, we were not sure if we were on the correct road as it was a narrow winding road along a river in the forest. We wondered whether our navigation system was leading us in the right direction. But we pressed on a little further and voila! Tucked away in the woods was the entrance to Moulin des Ruats.

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Family travel to the St. Petersburg and Tampa area of Florida should include a visit to Fort De Soto Park. The park is comprised of five offshore keys, or islands: Madelaine Key, St. Jean Key, St. Christopher Key, Bonne Fortune Key and the main island, Mullet Key. Access to the park is via bridge or causeway using a toll road from the mainland. Historically, the islands were used for military fortifications; remnants and a museum exhibits this history. A great way to get some beach time and U.S. history in a one-day trip to the keys. Two piers, beaches, picnic area, hiking trails, bicycling trails, kayak trail, and a ferry to Egmont Key State Park are available.

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Why do we travel?  Sometimes it is just to relax on a beach or explore a new culture. Then there are those trips that you take to explore a time in history or follow steps of historical events.  In the spring of 2016 we will embark on a journey to pay tribute to the fallen during World War I and capture the dedication of new memorials by a Canadian regiment.  The Governor General's Horse Guards will be dedicating a new memorial for the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (their regiment during the war) for the battle of Somme. They will also dedicate a Governor General's Horse Guard memorial for Mount Sorrel.  SomedayTrips (Stulaine Studios) will be capturing the dedications and the journey through France and Belgium for the Regiment.

The Great War (World War I) lasted 4 years and took many lives in its wake.  This was of course followed years later by another great war.  Much of the Great War was fought in France and Belgium with many landmarks and memorials today to remember those that had fought and lost their lives.  Follow us during our trip across the countryside of France and Belgium to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Great War. You can find out more about the trip and travel plans here.  We have also included a map of our intinerary below for those that would like to plan a similar trip to see the history, cemeteries, and military monuments remembering the wars.  Each location pin has a link to further information on the planned trip stop.  

The road trip will include a stop in Arras France for two evenings to explore some of the most famous battlefields, the Canadian Vimy memorial and the underground tunnels of Arras.  More information on Arras and a documentary short video on the history of the tunnels system is captured in our 100 reasons to visit Arras travel video article.

We will be updating this post in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more information.


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Take a one-minute tour of the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom in Washington DC USA. This is a great experience with nature, the monuments and the history of a relationship between two countries.

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If you are an adventure seeker we created a sneak peak at what you can find in New Zealand. A land rich in wilderness, culture, hobbit lands and adventure-seeking fun. Join us at to explore more of New Zealand and the New Zealand's tourism site ( 

Take a peek at what you can find above, around and walking among the famous hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park.  In this video of the park, Alex has provided an excellent overview of this beautiful landscape that you will encounter as part of your travel to the park. Take a coffee break and enjoy three minutes of wonderful.

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If you're interested in diving, this short video will show you the beautiful underwater world around St. Thomas.  It's simply a diver's paradise.  The water is warm and crystal clear and you'll see colorful coral, sea turtles, stingrays, ship wrecks and much more. 

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