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This is a fascinating and clever timelapse video taking you on a tour of Europe.  Try not to focus only on the girl in the video but look at the sites around her.  This is truly an amazing video!

Topdeck Travel's description of their video and the places visited:  Take a hyperlapse journey through Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Barcelona and the Swiss Alps on the trip of a lifetime. Live large, dream bigger and squeeze life for all it's worth. The rest can wait.

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There are countless things to do in Australia, but this video breaks it down to 11 fun and adventurous activities, from sailing, kayaking, rafting, and snorkeling to exploring the outback and more.

Explore more of Australia on their official tourism website.

TripAdvisor offers the Top 10 things To Do in Australia:

Below are Topdeck Travel's comments and credits:Endless, golden beaches, fringing reefs and lush rainforest compete with the scorched space-like red expanses of the outback and some of the world’s most liveable cities.