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With strength, confidence and no fear, these women scale sheer rock cliffs in the Verdon Gorge, located in southeastern France.  Aside from their incredible rock climbing skills, the scenery is gorgeous.

More from Eddie Bauer on this video:  In this transportive Cheyne Lempe video, Eddie Bauer free climbers Katie Lambert and Caroline George climb with pride in the visually stunning Verdon Gorge of southern France, where classily run-out, sandbagged and delicate routes recall an earlier pioneering era of airy sport climbing. The trip involved high-grade free climbing on Surveiller et Punir and Pichenibule that Lambert had envisioned since her early training days in the American deep south and one that forced Caroline George to face her alpinist’s fear of falling on the atmospheric rock routes that made the towering cliffs famous in international climbing circles. Put the headphones on and enjoy.

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Need an adrenalin rush? You'll feel it when you watch this wild video of people free falling from the Verdon Gorge cliffs in southeastern France, only tethered to a rope.  The camera is posed in front of their faces as they fall, capturing their wide-eyed expressions and their shrieks.  Would you do this?

Production: OSTRO, Cam-L
Camera Operator: OSTRO Bartłomiej Osses, Cam-L: Kamil Przybylak, Łukasz Kosecki, Dawid Lewandowski Ecokopter
Client: Dream Walker
Place: Gorges Du Verdon, France

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