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SomedayTrips.com™ is a travel website for those who love to Dream Everyday™ about the places they would love to visit someday. 

We're Stuart and Elaine, two travel lovers who have traveled to many places around the world but dream of all the places we've yet to go. So, we envisioned a website full of dazzling photos and amazing travel videos of beautiful, exotic and fascinating destinations around the world.  It’s a place where travelers can explore the world through the lens of photographers and videographers sourced from the best the internet can deliver as well as our own original content. Our focus is on finding top-quality short travel videos that will inspire people to dream about their someday trip. We want to nurture those travel dreams so they remain fresh, exciting and inspire travelers to make their trips a reality someday. 

Elaine, Co-Founder, Content Director

I was born in Washington, DC, and have lived in the nearby DC suburbs of Maryland and northern Virginia most of my life.  My life-long passion has been to travel and it all started with my first big trip as a teenager through North Africa, Spain and France squeezed into the back seat of a Volkswagen Rabbit traveling with my sister and brother-in-law.  After that exciting experience, challenges and all, travel became my obsession.  My vision for SomedayTrips.com is to share my dream travel locations through photos and videos and hopefully inspire others to dream and plan their someday trips.

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Stuart, Co-Founder, Photographer and Creative Director

Born in Toronto into a military family, I've lived all over Canada as well as Germany and Virginia.  After college, I decided to move to Alexandria, Virginia, and have lived here ever since. Travel photography is my passion. and over the years, I have traveled extensively for business and pleasure and taken thousands of photos.  I usually spend a lot of time curating all these photos after a trip to find the best ones and creatively enhancing them, if needed.  I have been a destination wedding photographer, a documentary photographer for a Canadian World War I Centennial Tour in France and Belgium, and received photography awards including an Islands Magazine Readers Choice photography contest winner.  I'm the technical and creative content coordinator for SomedayTrips.com and like to share photography tips and techniques in articles on our site.  Video is a new medium that started in 2006 with a Canon XL2 but has only recently become an important part of my content creation.

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Together, we travel as often as we can.  I take lots of photos of Stuart taking photos because that's pretty much his pose while we're traveling.  Meanwhile, it gives me time to enjoy the scenery and look for the next best shot location.  For us, nothing is more exciting than planning our next trip and the anticipation of departure day, and when that day arrives, bolting out the door with bags in hand on our way to exploring new destinations. 

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With all the photos we have accumulated over the years, we decided we'd like to share them on our website.  We wanted to create a website full of inspiring images that would help us and others dream about travel destinations around the world.  Read more about our SomedayTrips vision here.  You might be surprised by what gave us the idea for the name.

Every travel adventure starts with a dream.  We wanted travel lovers to be able to dream about their someday trips and since dreaming is the first step in planning that someday trip, we believe that everyone’s someday trip will happen.   

So join us in exploring the world through beautiful images and videos. Take your dreaming to the next level and before you know it the dreaming will stop and you will be saying “It’s My Someday”.  Join us and let’s Dream Everyday™.  Here are the places we've already been.

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” Dr Seuss

The SomedayTrips.com Team

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
John Lennon

Your SomedayTrips™ Founders, Elaine and Stuart Claggett

Visiting Positano, Italy

Hometown is Alexandria, Virginia




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